Accountant Pick Up Lines 

Being an accountant can be so demanding. Imagine being stuck looking at numbers all day! For sure, at the end of the day they will be overworked and too tired and therefore in dire need of some human interaction. You can capitalize on this fact and use accountant pick up lines to brighten her day. They are might land you that hot girl in the accounting department. These are some of the best accountant pick up lines to start a conversation with that hot accountant and help you woo her. She might be under your sheets even if for a night.  

  1. I hope you don’t have any accounts to do on Saturday night because I’m accounting on taking you out. 
  2. Do you mind taking your accounts at a bar tonight?
  3. I really appreciate your assets. Can we get out of here?
  4. The world out there is cruel but I am willing to invest in you. 
  5. You might take me as a deduction, but I’m dependent on your love. 
  6. Me plus you should be equivalent to fate. 
  7. For this occasion, call me gross profit. 
  8. You must be an accountant because I’m accounting on your love. 
  9. Can I balance your ledger?
  10. Hey girl, be my accountant because it’s too taxing not to fall for you. 
  11. How are your books of account? Do you have any space for data entry?
  12. Without you, my assets not equal liabilities. 
  13. You’ll surely add value to my account. 
  14. Girl, you make all my accounts receivable.
  15. I give you credit for debiting my account. 
  16. Can we be like an accounting journal entry and balance each other out?
  17. Hey girl, I can’t balance my trial balance without you. 
  18. If you come over to my place you’ll sure leave a finished good. 
  19. Will you please balance my sheets tonight?