Airplane Pick Up Lines

Flights can be stressful at times! It is important to distress by striking up funny conversation with a cute girl using airplane pick up lines. They are ideal for those who love traveling and visiting other countries. You are guaranteed to start a conversation with ease on an airplane or at the airport. Do you want to successfully chat up a cute girl on your flight? Here are the most romantic airplane pick up lines to crack a smile and start a conversation. They are all that you need when jet setting to a foreign country. 

The best Airplane Pick Up Lines

  • Even though I hate have red eyes, I am willing to fly all night for you. 
  • Airplane food can be so terrible, so I packed my own food. Want to have some chocolate covered strawberries?
  • You are as classy as the first flight.
  • Could I have your contact? I want to write it in my luggage tag in case my bags get lost they can easily find me. 
  • Could we go straight to my place for some great recovery for jet lag?
  • I am thinking we can make great travel partners. 
  • What’s your travel workout plan like? I could help you make some adjustments. 
  • Do you believe I love at first flight?
  • I am not sure of the gate I am boarding at, but I hope it’s the same as yours. 
  • If you were an airplane I would have been your final destination. 
  • Are you ready to board? Me too. 
  • If I were a TSA agent, would you love to have me carry out a body scan?
  • Are you ready to take off with me?
  • Can I swap my coach to sit next to you?
  • I can last longer than a jet engine. 
  • If I were a sticker, I would be in your luggage.