Aladdin Pick Up Lines 

Find the greatest Aladdin Pick Up Lines 

The legendary tale of Aladdin is a favorite Disney movie to a majority of people. The musical show will sure take you on a magic carpet ride. It is a very unique and successful musical, which is so popular among youths and adults. Apart from being one of the bestselling musicals, it showcases unrivalled talented performers and set design with brilliant lighting and costumes. Are you in love with a fan of this classical musical? We’ve got you covered! You will find the bester Aladdin themed pick up lines that will help you land your crush next time you meet her in the video show.

The funny Aladdin Pick Up Lines

  • Hey girl, I’m Jasmine and I want you to be my Aladdin. 
  • Are you Aladdin? Because I’m Jasmine. 
  • If we get out of here, I can show you how the world is shining shimmering splendid. 
  • If you were Aladdin I would ride your magic carpet?
  • Please allow me call you Aladdin because I want to show you a whole new world.
  • Would you try to tame my beast?
  • Allow me be a thief and steal your heart. 
  • Will you be my Aladdin?
  • Girl, I would like to introduce my jinn. 
  • Can you be my Aladdin and explore your cave of wonders?
  • If you were mine, I would take you wonder by wonder. 
  • If you didn’t have a mirror, I’d show you my world. 
  • Hey baby, will you come to my cave of wonders so that you rub my lamp?
  • If you were my Aladdin, I would be your magic carpet and ride you all night long. 
  • I want to be yours any day: whether Ja-Close or Jafar. 
  • You smell so cute. Did you Jafar?
  • Can we get out of this place and have some wild ride?
  • Would you want to rub my lamp even just for a night?
  • I am asking for just one night with me and you will know what it means to have a whole new world.
  • Your magic carpet or mine? Because I want to ride on you. 
  • Are you happy to see me or you are carrying a lamp in your pocket?
  • Have you ever tried kissing on the carpet; it’s a whole new world. 
  • Are you thinking about Jasmine or me?
  • It’d be nice to trust me like Aladdin trusts Jasmine. 
  • I would like to get into your cave of wonders. Will you come over to my place?