Alphabet Pick Up Lines 

Teachers of grammar are incredible beings, but dating one can be very unique. One of the unique attributes you must have to land a cute girl who teaches English or is in English writing occupation is to embrace being schooled. We all know that such girls are cute and know their stuff well. They’ve got facts and are always smart. They are also too cool as a result of school. They also have new expressions at their fingertips. To land one, you must be smart and cool too. We’ve compiled a list of alphabet pick up lines to make a funny impression on such a lady. Here they are:

The clever and funny Alphabet Pick Up Lines

I wish I could rearrange the alphabet and put U and I together.

There are 21 letters of the alphabet. Sorry I forgot u, r, q, t. 

I love those who designed the QWERTY keyboard for putting U and I together. 

If I had a choice of making a compound, I’d make Uranium Iodine, so I could put U and I together. 

I never want to be an adjective, because I would never wish to modify U. 

I wish I were adenine. Because I would be paired with U. 

I know the difference between U and I, but please don’t ask me for difference. 

Hey baby, I got F, C and K. All I need is U. 

You must be made of Fluorine, Iodine and Neon, because you are F-I-Ne.

I am aware you know your ABC’s that’s why I want to give you the 4th letter of the alphabet. 

Will you spend a night at my place? Because I want to give you the D in the morning. 

After tonight, I guarantee you’ll not forget the difference between U and I, because you’ll not regret spending a night with me. 

U and together equals to bright future. Will you be mine?

Without U, I can only F, C and K. That’s why I’m trying so hard to me U mine. 

If I were U, I would ask for my D because it’s the best thing you can have in the morning.