Bad pick up lines

A lot of people think pickup lines are a general waste of time. Some use it just for fun, while others swear by the gods of the seven kingdoms that it works for them. 

A lot of women say they’d rather a guy just walked up to them and say hello rather than hit on them with these one-liners which they’ve heard so many times before. Now, that sounds bad for the guy who can’t do without pickup lines, it could very easily result in a colossal disaster if the pickup line were considered bad. 
Here is an example of what can happen, if you try to use some of these bad pick up lines. This is a fun video, that works as a great example. Take a look:

What makes a pick-up line a bad pickup line? Most women will say that any pick-up line that is sexist is bad. Or anyone that attacks stereotypes in any way is a no-no for them. They will also tell you that a bad pick up line is one that they’ve heard so many times, which perhaps lacks humour or intellectual appeal. 

So, don’t be that guy. The one who cannot begin a decent conversation without a one liner and who as a result never goes home with the beautiful lady, he was trying to impress in the first place. 

Ladies swear that bad pickup lines give them the impression that the guy has no real self-confidence, poor esteem and generally lacks any intelligence. Hiding behind bad pickup lines tells the ladies that you don’t think you are good enough, hence your search for an easy way out. Most ladies who nurse this impression about guys are generally not likely to give him a second look. 

The ladies further point out that bad pickup lines give the impression that the guy is shallow and has a habit of saying things he doesn’t mean. This is because they can see right through the line for what it is, a poor attempt at a pick up, and everyone knows that the ladies of the world can smell dishonest from a mile away. 

Another case against bad pickup lines is that they don’t even cause a moment’s spark of attraction, something other types of pickup lines may succeed in doing. They are intended to make the lady notice him, and she does but in the exact opposite way from what he intended. 

Even if a guy is cute, but does not know the right pickup lines to use for a lady, the effect will be negative and any initial spark she felt as he approached will soon be die off and she will be left with nothing but a genuine need to get away from him. 

The most profound negativities associated with bad pickup lines lies within the thought process of most women. Every woman wants a long-lasting relationship you see. The average woman will tell you that humour and intellect are qualities she finds attractive in a man she would settle down with. Bad pickup lines give the impression that the guy isn’t too intelligent and so she feels she doesn’t need to waste her time with him. 

Another negative impression which bad pickup lines give is that the guy is only after a one-night stand. Any guy who doesn’t bother to find a nice line to pick up a girl really doesn’t want to keep that girl. He’s more likely just looking for someone he can have a quick tumble with and end it. 

Guys who use smooth and clever pick-up lines will tell of the difficulties associated with making these lines effective. In the long run, superficial lines can only attract women who are equally superficial and don’t want to bother about relationships. In the end though, everyone really just wants to settle down with a good person and have a long-lasting relationship. 

Changing your reputation from a guy with bad pickup lines to a popular guy who is pleasant to be around is just a matter of choice. Put away the games and be yourself, and realise that those bad lines only give the impression that you lack self-esteem. 

Next time you meet a pretty lady you want to get to know better, create an interesting point of connection between you two by raising a topic you both enjoy and how the fire you’ve lighted burns unconditionally.