Best pick up lines

Pickup lines are great conversation starters, especially if you are looking to get a date or some romance. The pickup line you choose can be anything you like; it all boils down to just how well you can use your wit. It can be as simple as introducing yourself, talking about your job, asking the other person what they do or what they like to do.

Pick some common area of interest, or use humor or flattery to get it working each time. 

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The Best Pick up Lines 

You don’t need to wear expensive clothes for a woman to notice you. All you need to have is a great sense of humor. People know that women like men who could make them laugh, so it’s best for you to have funny pick up lines. Who knows, a woman would eventually go with you for a date if you make her laugh all the time. 

On this site you are exposed to some of the greatest and best pick up lines in different categories. On this page we have collected some of the best pick up lines to use. Have a look and see for yourself!

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  • With my smarts and your beauty, we’re going to be a pretty and dumb couple.
  • Do you want to see an impression? Here’s my impression of us to go on a date. 
  • I don’t usually approach women unless I hit on them. 
  • Why do you think the pigeon and duck walk the road? Of course, they want to flock at you. 
  • If I’m a hipster, I would rather shave this beard and ate organic for your sake! 
  • I don’t have any idea about my star sign, but I hope it matches yours. 
  • I’m proud to be a box set because I’m a great solution for you to spend your weekend. 
  • You’re so perfect that Christopher Walken might say, enough with the cowbells! 
  • I want can’t wait for the release of an awkward second album where you can come out with me. 
  • How I wish you’re the flu so that we could be stuck on the bed. 
  • You and I are like sandpaper. You’re fine, and I’m rough. 
  • On Halloween, you might say threat or treat! 
  • Are you a runaway model? So, I can get permission to land on you.
  • Are you the Uber in an asylum? You always drive me crazy! 
  • Do you like to date a rich guy or a funny guy? Don’t worry I’m working to earn a billion dollar! 
  • Knock, knock! Who are you? I ‘m Date St.  Who’s Date St? My name’s not St. But I would love to have a date you! 
  • Enough of the negging part because I can’t do it! Let’s go out on a date instead.
  • Please stop lying in front of me because you’re so good and true. 
  • Is your nickname Sharpie? Because you already make a last impression on me. 
  • You’re one reason why cave dwellers wrote on walls, but I wouldn’t say you’re old. 
  • If a picture reflects a thousand words, then you would be a sexy thesaurus! 
  • Are you a policeman? Because you’re so arresting to my eyes. 
  • Is your uncle a tailor?  Well, because you’re such a fine person to me.
  • Does an architect’s blood flow in you? Because I know how you’re built. 
  • Don’t give me a coffee in the morning. I want your homemade milk instead. 

Many more of the best pick up lines!

  • You must be French because Eiffel for you so quickly.
  • I guess you’re religious? Cause you’re the answer to all my prayers.
  • Hey, can you please tie your shoes, I wouldn’t want you falling for anyone else.
  • I’m going to do you a solid and not call the cops, even though you’ve just stolen my heart.
  • You seem quite busy today, but I’m pretty sure you can add me to your to-do list.
  • Girl if you were a steak you would be well done.
  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Are you Cat woman because I’m feline a connection between us.
  • Since nothing lasts forever, can you be my nothing?
  • Hi, I’m new in town. Do you mind giving me the directions to your apartment?
  • Why did you leave the gallery you lovely work of art. 
  • I’ve come to evict you, you’ve spent enough time in my mind…Actually you’ve not, please stay.
  • Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?
  • You sure you’re not a beaver? Cause daaam girl!
  • A life without you in it is like a broken pencil…pointless.
  • You must be a burger from McDonald’s ‘cause I’m lovin’ it!
  • Even in space I’d still fall for you.
  • We’re not socks. But I think we’d make a great pair.
  • Your lips look quite lonely, I’d like them to meet mine.
  • I should have worn my gloves before walking down here ‘cause apparently you’re too hot to handle
  • Do you feel that? It’s getting hot in here…oh wait, it’s just you 
  • If some fat man stuffs you in a bag tonight, don’t fret I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.
  • I’m a photographer, and yes I can picture us together.
  • You must be a 90 degree angle? ‘cause your looking good all RIGHT.
  • Are you from Israel? Cause you Israeli hot.
  • Hey, remember me? Oh, wait, I’ve only ever met in my dreams.
  • Your hand looks quite heavy. Here, let me hold it for you.
  • I guess you’re from Starbucks because I really like you a latte.
  • If you were a fruit you’d be a banana because I find you a peeling.
  • I hope you like veggies ‘cause I love you from my head tomatoes.
  • What do you do with all the electricity you generate, you water constituting being? Because dammmm.
  • Can you feel that reaction because I’ve got my ion you.
  • Do you like sales? cause if you’re in search of a nice one, clothes are 100% off at my place.
  • Wow, when god made you he really did want to show off.
  • Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I’m really feeling a connection, I just need your number…that’s the password right.
  • If looks could kill, we’d have just shown you to Hitler
  • Do you have a tan on, or do you always look this hot?
  • My parents always told me to follow my dreams, I guys I’ll be following you home.
  • You must be a camera because you I find myself smiling each time I look at you.
  • So I’m going to give you a kiss, feel free to return it if you don’t like it.
  • How many magnets did you swallow to get this attractive?
  • Do you have a name, or is it fine if I call you mine?
  • Do you like Pizza? Because I’d like to get a pizz-a you
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dragons are real, right?
  • Is your dad a terrorist? ‘cause you really are the bomb.
  • I think I’m stuck in my dreams, it would explain your presence.
  • I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.
  • If you were the words written on the of life, you’ll be fine print.
  • I think I lost my phone, could you help me dial my number.
  • I just lost my number, please can I have yours?
  • If I owned a garden I’d plant your tulips and my tulips together
  • I guess you caught that new disease called beautiful, you look really infected.
  • I know Happiness starts with H, but does mine starts with U.
  • Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary again today?
  • I see you’re a magician, because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.
  • You’re my dictionary… you add meaning to my life.
  • You know when a penguin finally finds a mate they stay together for the rest of their life. Will you be my penguin * produce pebble*
  • I’m so glad I renewed my life insurance… because I saw you and my heart stopped beating.
  • If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I’d be richer than bill gates
  • You’re so sweet, I might have to visit the dentist soon.
  • Keep an eye out for elves ‘cause I asked Santa for you this Christmas
  • I’d have loved to take you out to the movies but they don’t allow snacks
  • I no Edison but I can light up your day.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, it’ll be such a shame if I can’t date you.
  • You must be a 45 degree angle? Because you’re acuteee
  • Where you made from copper and tellurium? Because you sure are a CuTe.
  • Are you a volcano? Because i lava you
  • I could never play hide and seek with you because someone like you is so hard to find
  • You may have fallen from the sky, you may have fallen from a tree, still the best way to fall… is in love with me.
  • Your name must be Ariel because I think we Mermaid for each other.
  • Guess what I’m wearing today? It’s the smile you gave me.
  • If I were an octopus my 3 hearts would all beat for you
  • Apart from being so damn pretty, what else you do for a living?
  • Did you think you didn’t have a chance with me?  Who gave you such a false perception sweetie.
  • Were those earth tremors or did you just rock my world?
  • You’re certainly the most beautiful contestant in the game of love.
  • Do you mind if I borrow your phone? My mum always tells me to call her once I find the man/woman of my dreams. I’d like to call her now.
  • Hello, I’m a bit short on cash. Do you mind if we share a cab and go home together?
  • It’s pretty obvious you’re not an astronaut because you’re so down to earth.
  • Will you please recommend a bank where I can make a deposit? I plan in saving all my love for you.
  • Girl you don’t have to ever sneeze, the good lord has already blessed you.
  • Did the sun just come out or is it your smile that has made this day so bright.
  • Do you have a nickname or can I just call you later?
  • Excuse me, if I take this way, would I be able to reach your heart?
  • I’m beginning to think you’re an alien, because my heart has been abducted.
  • You must be the square root of 2 because I feel irrational when I’m around you.
  • You’re so sweet, I’m sure you could put Hershey’s out of business.
  • Dr. Phil told me I was afraid of a commitment. I’d like to prove him wrong, can you help?
  • Am I invisible or can you see me? (Yes) How about tomorrow night?
  • If you stand in front of a mirror with 11 roses, you’d see a dozen of the most beautiful things in the world.
  • You probably the sole cause of global warming, you’re so damn hot.
  • We were created with two ears, two eyes and two hands. But we only have just one heart, now that I’ve found you, I get why God did that, it’s so we can find our other heart.
  • If a star fell every time I thought of you the skies would be completely empty.
  • I know there are many fishes in the ocean but you’re the once whose got me hooked.
  • I’ll probably never have a chance with you but will you a least give me a chance to hear an angel speak?
  • Was it you who invented the airplane cause you seem so wright for me.
  • Hi my name is Doug, it’s like god only that it’s spelled backwards with U wrapped up in it.
  • How about we make a deal, I’ll put a tear drop in the sea any day you get to find it is the day I’ll stop loving you.
  • Sweetie if there’s anything I want to change about you, it’s your last name.

These pick-up lines will get a person’s attention by making them laugh. It also reflects your funny side. You can even make the woman you like the smile on a gloomy day. Read on to learn more about, why humor is such a good way to create a lasting connection with your (potential) soon-wife-or-husband-to-be!

Use humor in your pick up line

Using humor, the right way can get you exceptionally good results, because after all, who doesn’t want a good laugh, right? If you’re going to learn pickup lines, make sure you know the right time to use them and always end your line with some form of a question. 

That way, the other person has to give you a response and viola, a connection has been secured. and say, “did you say something to me?” 

Remember this, the next time you run into a pretty lady you don’t have to get all sweaty or tongue-tied, like a prospective astronaut at NASA. A lot of guys say they never know what to say when they meet a very pretty girl. Well getting nervous won’t really help you break the ice. Natural selection should really sweep you sissies out of the competition. Pheww! 

She may find your sudden nerves a little bit cute, or she may just walk away but if she hasn’t walked away or isn’t looking at you as if you just fell from planet Oz, then she is definitely waiting for you to say something more to her. 

Keeping your cool is a good way to start, also you don’t have to speak too quickly, it’s not a hip-hop track featuring funny bone you see. Smile, say hello and have a sip of your drink, make sure, though that when you smile your eyes catch hers for a moment. Then turn away and talk to someone else. Remember if you really want to bring a smile on the girls face then head straight to the corny pick up lines or the funny pick up lines.

You don’t want to give her the impression that you are desperate and you don’t want her to get the impression you only came for a pickup. After a few minutes, turn back to her and start a great conversation.