Bread pick up lines

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Bread has for a long time been a favorite meal to man. Christians can relate even more due to the iconic mention in the bible where Jesus fed 5000 people with bread as well as feeding on bread as his last supper. With the popularity that is associated with bread, it comes as a no surprise that people tend to use bread motivated pick up line to woo their crushes or lovers. The idea of bread pick-up lines has been around for a while, at least since the invention of the digital media. The lines have been cropping especially on social media platforms with millennials preferring to use it as it is deemed a lot cooler and up-to-age. The concept is to make a pick up line related to bread but still don’t lose the original message intended for the occasion. While these kind of pick up lines can work or fail to work sometimes, they are best suited for the kind of occasions they were created for.

The main reason why people tend to use bread pick us lines is due to the ease that bread resonates with romance. Bread has also been around for the longest time every single person on the planet today can relate to a bread pick up line. Bread is associated with a sweet, sugary flavor and a soft feeling therefore it tends to be associated with romance which is also happens to be viewed in the same nature as bread except from an emotional perspective unlike bread which is viewed physically, hence pick-up lines related with bread can be the most romantic thing a person can do. While these pick-up lines are viewed mostly as a thing for millennials, everybody has at least a tiny knowledge of bread therefore dropping a bread pick up line can be for all walks of races and age. Here is a list of main bread related pick up lines. 

Overview of Bread Pick up lines  

  • My loaf, care to get dough & crumby tonight?
  • It would be a lot butter-full if you showed up.  I’m always bready.
  • I have the ability to bake you into happiness.
  • If you wish please bread with me.
  • You should be more than ready, because I’m very hooked onto roll play.
  • You can crust me as well; I’ll make your wishes a reality.
  • It is bound to get real toasty should we ever meet again.
  •  I happen to possess nice buns which you will definitely fall for.
  • I am of the opinion that this is true loaf.
  • Sweetie, am in great knead of you right now.
  • At yeast you’re in my thoughts, all the time.
  • Even Rye now I couldn’t stop thinking of you.
  • In case you were not aware I would cookie for love.
  • I can purchase you flours and you could ever desire.
  • Don’t hesitate, come over with your baguette.
  • I can’t wait to witness you rise throughout the night.
  • Let’s catch up later my loaf.
  • I think it’d be fair to say that you woke up on the right side of the bread

More of Bread Pick up lines

  • I love your mannerisms; it is pretty dough-pe.
  • Did you look up on those puns and thought them as mine?
  • Looking up puns are so untrustworthy, I thought of them myself and I’m glad they caught your rye.
  • Do you think it will ever be all loafer for us? But I hope not, there is so much to grain.
  • Hopefully the conclusion is something we can toast to? 
  • Our loaf be something wheat talk about for years to come.
  • Come on a date with me, would you would want coffee or a whole meal?
  • I think a meal would be all white.
  • I would like to roll to the town over, so the experience would stick.
  • Do you have a butter ideal date different from mine?
  • I don’t know how I could crumb up with all of that buns
  • We are on our wheat to a date.
  • Its best if you do not overuse the bread puns or your chances are toast.
  • I’ve got a job available for you if those scones knead a little dough.
  • Our loaf is not over until its loafer.
  • Did you mention bread on your profile or is your name Pita or something?
  • Concerning Pita, I’d like to give you a pizza of my mind
  • Be ready to rye! Because I will yeast on your bread.
  • You knead to work for me because I got all that dough.
  • You knead to keep this going, otherwise you are toast.
  • Your bread puns never seem to get mold.
  • I could be your bread winner if you let me.
  • Are you a doughnut? Because I find you a-dough-rable
  • You’ve stolen a pizza of my heart.
  • I saw you yeasterday in my dreams.
  • The weather is so cold, how about we get toasty?
  • Could you please turn around I take a good look at the baker’s bread?
  • I have to admit your parents did the most awesome masterbaking, you turned out the most perfect bread.
  • ‘Can you please get ready to crumble
  • I will get you some flours on your birthday and valentines
  • I am just the yeast you need to make a perfect loaf nest
  • Let’s go to the movies this evening to watch the romatic film called “Loaf Actaully”
  • Even If I find a butter loafer I will never break up with you.
  • You know you and I could make a lot of cute puppy loafs.
  • I do baking for a living and I could just put a bun in your oven.
  • Come on we knead to be serious and start making dough.
  • My favorite Beatles song is actually “loaf is all you need”
  • My sourdough is rising when I yeast expect it, could you please take care of it
  • I could be the loaf in your life that makes the world around you go spin.
  • Are you bread? Cause I knead you.
  • My puns are never pre-sliced, I baked them fresh just for you baby

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