Can girls use pick up lines? (Hint: OF COURSE)

As a girl how many times have you entered a room and your eyes were immediately caught by a great looking guy? Or you keep passing this cute, bookish guy on the corridor and though you want to ask him out on a date, you find yourself gawking sheepishly at him instead. 

Later you spend all evening tucked under your blanket, pretending to watch comedy reruns but your mind is really far away thinking about how to make yourself more approachable to him. You’ve already done what you think you can as a lady; you’ve stood near him and you’ve moved so you are sitting around him. You’ve even danced near him so maybe he will notice how good you are and ask you to dance.  

This guy seems to still not know you exist. 

Just say hi!

So, here’s what to do. Just walk up to him, say hi and start a conversation. That’s right. Make the first move. That’s exactly what the guys do, right? And it works all the time. The only way to be sure nothing happens is to do nothing. If you do nothing, you’re only wasting your own time and procrastinating another possibility of happiness.

There’s no need to over think it. Acknowledge the fact that you are likely to be nervous. Then do it anyway. Imagine how he will feel when a beautiful girl like you walks up to him. He will know that you a bold, vivacious, intelligent person who he wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to date. 

When you do walk up to him, remember it’s crucial you be you. Be yourself. Any other person you turn out to be when he gets to know you won’t be good enough. Only the real you can shine through and hold a man’s heart. 

Pick up lines to use on guys

Remember too that there’s no such thing as an ideal place to find a date or pick up a guy. Talk to him at the store, gym, your office, at the library or while waiting for a bus. If you see a guy you like, seize the moment and start a conversation no matter where you are. 


Now that we’ve established the fundamentals to getting your next great catch, you must be wondering what do you when you walk up to him. Why don’t you try any of these lines and bring the guy of your dreams into your reality? Be warned though, some of them are really bold and a few are quite cheesy. But if they weren’t, where would be the fun in using them?