Chess Pick up lines

Chess is the coolest game ever. Some people think that chess is old and boring. On the contrary it is fun and sexy for both girls and boys. It is the longest game ever invited but still has a huge following being an ultimate game where luck isn’t involved. The sexiest part of playing chess is that you don’t have to play it sat at a table. You can invite your potential queen home and play chess lying on your bed. If that beautiful girl is a chess player, then these chess pick up lines are for you. Use them to impress a chess player and woo her heart. 

The great Chess Pick Up Lines

  • It is coincidence that we both play chess. How about we go to my place and see you win?
  • I like so much because you are a chess nut. 
  • If playing chess in the middle of the road with you is criminal then I want to commit that crime so that I can be locked with you in a room. 
  • Chess is like real life because the king can only take a step at a time while the queen can do as she pleases. Will you be my queen?
  • If I were the king I would put my rook in your open file. 
  • Hey girl, will you hold it against me if I promote my little pawn on your back rack?
  • Will you be my queen? Because I want to be your white knight. 
  • Oh my! What a beautiful set. 
  • I want to make this be a knight to remember. 
  • Do you play chess? Because I want to build a relationship with someone nice and old fashioned. 
  • If you be my queen you will mate with me with your knight moves. 
  • Will you come with me to see my pawn collection? 
  • I’m told the merits of chess are in the fairer gender. So will you be mine and play chess with me everybody? Because the benefits will be all yours. 
  • Hey baby, you just accelerated my dragon. I hope it doesn’t get hyper-accelerated because I hate seeing a doctor. 
  • The reason I want to date you is because chess players know how to mate perfectly. 
  • Hey girl, I would love to mate you. 
  • If you were my queen, I would mate you anytime of the day.
  • So you play chess Ms Cool? How about we play a game together?
  • Would you love to castle queenside or kingside?
  • I prefer a woman who is a chess player. Will you be mine?
  • I was worried when I lost my queen in the last game but I am glad I have just found her. 

The five last Chess Pick Up Lines

  1. If my rook was hanging would you take it?
  2. Are you a queen? Because for the whole night I have been trying to skewer you. 
  3. Would you hold you against me if I pinned your rook?
  4. Would you mind playing chess with me?
  5. Your bedroom or mine? I want to play chess with you all night.