Clever Pick up lines

Why Clever Pick Up Lines Would Work Anytime

Did you know that the average guy doesn’t believe in pick-up lines? Yes. You’re probably one of those guys that think it’s something that gives a little laugh and may be remotely contemplated but never really considered seriously. 

There are all kinds of pickup lines. But sounding clever can never go wrong with a pretty face.

Of course! They do work. Those clever pickup lines. And here are some reasons why;

In the first place, a pick-up line is a great idea for a conversation starter. They are so diverse that you can go from humor to romantic to everyday stuff, you can introduce yourself, ask someone what they like about where you are or just give a simple compliment. 

Now tell me, which girl on earth won’t be glad to see a cute guy walk up to her and say, “You are so beautiful, everyone else disappeared as soon as I set eyes on you?” Believe me, the least you will get is a smile. I can almost guarantee you will also get a phone number. 

So, why do clever pickup lines work?

A lot of times, pickup lines come with a tone of humor. Every woman loves a man who makes her smile. A survey was done using about 250 women and all of them agreed that they’d rather have a guy who was playful and made them laugh. 

Another reason why clever pickup lines tend to work is that women like a guy who sounds witty. It’s good to tell a lady she’s beautiful, but then after that what?

You get her talking, ask her about herself, her likes, compliment her accent and notice where she’s from. Have something good to say about the information you hear. 

Every woman likes to talk but everyone likes a good conversation. And clever pickup lines are great conversation starters. 

Did you know that using pickup lines gives you the opportunity to be original? Twist an old one you know or better yet find something unique about her and use it as a conversation starter. Believe me, she will be very impressed with the fact that you at least didn’t use the same old line that she knows. 

We’ve already talked about compliments so much. But the need to give a woman a compliment can never be overemphasized because every woman loves to be told something good. Mixing good humor, and some wit into a compliment are the two main components of good clever lines and you can never go wrong with them.

Another reason why clever pickup lines work lies in the belief that only strong confident men can be bold enough to walk up to a pretty girl and start a conversation that could last all evening, all night or a lifetime. Without a doubt, the average woman will tell you that she finds a confident guy attractive. Your talking to her gives her that impression. 

Clever pickup lines can save you a lot of embarrassment and at the same time save the day. At least, having them memorized means when you meet the girl of your dreams, you will have a hand full of ready to deliver lines that have the potential to bring you two a little closer. These pickup lines work because they show intent while being evasive and mysterious. If a guy doesn’t like a girl, he won’t talk to her, yet social convention stops him from being forward about it. What better way to convey the message than with a really clever pickup line? She gets your point but she’s doesn’t feel coerced.  

Clever pick-up lines can be trusted because they’ve been around for quite a while now. You notice how the handsome hero in the movies enters a room, walks up to the beautiful girl and talks to her. She smiles and the rest is history. 

And finally, yes. What you’ve always guessed, research has proven that clever pickup lines will almost always work all the time. All you have to do is keep it clean, respectful, full of laughter and wit. She says if your lines stick to these rules, she will give you her phone number. Every time.