College pick up lines

College is a time when the focus turns to making a decision on your major and potentially meeting your significant other. Getting a partner can be really tough at this time, but knowing how to approach that cute girl when you meet her for the first time is key to making a good first impression. College pick up lines are great for introducing yourself and might help you land the girl of your dream. They are typically sweet and cheesy since they focus on common college scenes and different majors. You can be sure that they are guaranteed to work on any college girl. 

College Pick Up Lines to flirt with

  • I could write a 20-page paper about how fascinating you are. 
  • You are like my most interesting textbook page because seeing you is the highlight of my day. 
  • You make me wish I was a business major. 
  • I take astronomy this semester and I can attest to you that you are out of this world. 
  • What is your take on that test?
  • What’s your opinion on my poll?
  • If you want to dance, call me. Because I can put your inertia in motion. 
  • I am amazed that you have more curves than a circle. 
  • For someone in a third world country, you are well developed. 
  • I am told composers always score, so I believe I will. 
  • Has someone told you that you are sweeter than pi? 
  • I have looked for a word that describes how beautiful you are in the dictionary but in vain. 
  • If being sexy is a crime, you would be in jail. 
  • Would you mind taking a look at my briefs?
  • I wasn’t in class last time because I got lost in your eyes. Do you have notes?
  • I like you like I like my mathematical proofs. 
  • Have people realized you are the chief source of global warming? Because you are so hot. 
  • I wish I had a star every time you brightened my day because I would have a galaxy.
  • You just denatured my proteins because so are so hot. 
  • You sure turn my software into hardware. 
  • Your homepage or mine?