Corny pick up lines

Looking for the best corny pick up lines? Find a list with the greatest corny pick up lines that you can say to him or her!

Do you want to create laughter on a boring afternoon? Well, it’s not bad to say a few pickup lines to your friends. In this case, you go to the corny pickup lines! These pickup lines are primarily designed to elicit laughter. These could also be a source of amusement to people who want to experience a good laugh. You can also get amazing responses from people using corny pickup lines. 

The following are the best corny pickup lines you would love to try! These corny pick up lines work for both sexes most of the times, so you can use them for both him and her!

Best corny pick up lines for him and her!

  1. Do you work as a paramedic? Because my heart beats fast when I see you. I feel I might have a heart attack. 
  2. Amazing! I didn’t think the woman of my dreams is very beautiful in person. 
  3. When I typed “My Love” on my GPS, It showed me your name. 
  4. My parents told me life isn’t perfect. I think they were wrong because you made my life perfect. 
  5. Relationships aren’t perfect, but with you, I always think it’s perfect. 
  6. Even blind prophets could see the beauty in you. 
  7. What’s the date today? Excuse me; I don’t want to forget the date I met my soon to be wife. 
  8. It’s not my style to kiss and tell.  But, if you would kiss me, I wouldn’t tell anyone. 
  9. Can I call your parents, please? I want to thank them for the creation they have made. 
  10. I want to take a picture of us together because I want to always remember this day with you. 
  11. Catch me quick because I’m falling madly in love for you. 
  12. You’re the lovely one in stocking I love to wake up on Christmas Day. 
  13. Your fingers are cute and beautiful, but something is missing – a ring that I would give you! 
  14. I would love to hire the entire post office staff on Valentine’s Day just for you! 
  15. Is your middle name Chipotle? Because I like you and I have a funny feeling on my stomach. 
  16. Do you like Chili?  Because you’re so hot and cool at the same time. 
  17. Please don’t be a tin because when I look at you, I feel I’m full of beans. 
  18. Can we do a Karaoke duet together? I think we’re a perfect match.
  19. I shouldn’t have eaten nine cookies so the last one would be yours.  
  20. Do you like Minecraft? I like to build a world with the two of us together! 
  21. I’ll bring you a sunflower on a sunny day, and a red rose on a rainy day. 
  22. I think you’re having a hard time wearing your ID. Why? Your beauty is ageless. 
  23. Do you bring bread when you feed the ducks or they only eat your beauty?
  24. Am I at an art gallery? I thought you’re one of the masterpieces. 
  25. Do angels follow you when you walk? I can feel them when you’re near.  

Why Corny Pick Up Lines Work for both him and her!

corny pick up lines

Corny pickup lines offer humor and delight to the listener. Your loved ones and friends would laugh when they hear your pick up lines. Since these pick up lines are funny, you bring happiness to people. You would also get the attention of a woman by saying corny pickup lines to her. She might even like your sense of humor and go out with you on a date.
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Why Are Corny Pick Up Lines Good? 

Corny pick up lines give joy to a person, and you can expect laughter from your friends in saying this pickup lines.  These pickup lines are also good for you to begin a conversation with a lady. So, come and try these pick up line now!