Dentist Pick up lines

Looking for great dentist pick up lines? As a guy we are always trying new and creative ways to get in contact with a girl. If that girl is a dentist or studying to be, then these dentist pick up lines are great!

The Dentist pick up lines

  • You must be a dentist because you make my mouth feel better.
  • You are so sweet, I think I’m having cavities.
  • I hope you don’t mind getting drilled.
  • I’m the only dentist who can drill you without you bleeding (insert wink)
  • Hey girl, it seems you have a hole that needs some drilling.
  • Hey girl, do you mind lying back? I’d love to fill your cavities.
  • Hey girl want to know what kind of polishing disc you’d be? A superfine one
  • If you were a tooth you’d be the upper left lateral incisor.
  • I shall now proceed to punch you in the mouth, with my mouth cause I really like you.
  • Do you mind if I melt in your mouth.
  • Sometimes I wish you were my teeth so I can grind you in my sleep
  • I could really use a mouth to mouth I’m drowning in the depths of your eyes.
  • Well, you can call me a dentist cause I can drill and fill you.
  • I have some skittles in my mouth, just incase you want to taste the rainbow?
  • Your dad must be a dentist, you have such a beautiful smile.
  • I hope you’re ready for me to probe your gaps.
  • I can see you’ve got a sweet tooth, no wonder you’re so into me.
  • Open wide… no not your mouth.
  • You should smile, your teeth should breathe as well.
  • Can you stick your tongue out a little further for me.
  • You don’t have to undress me with your eyes hunny, go on, use your teeth.
  • Please can you suck on this for just a second.
  • Good news, I lost some teeth today this means I have more room for your tongue in my mouth.

More great dentist pick up lines

  • Wanna know what has 148 teeth and can hold back the incredible hulk? My zipper 
  • I wouldn’t mind you having me in between teeth.
  • I guess I’ll call you a dentist, cause I can’t smile without you.
  • Your teeth are so pretty are you a dentist.
  • You’re so sweet, looking at you gave me a toothache
  • Your gum looks quite sensitive, do you mind if I stab them with a prison shank.
  • They say s**** contains calcium and zinc which prevent tooth decay, come down this mouthwash sweetie.
  • Your enamel isn’t the only thing that’s hard.
  • I bet you floss regularly look at those pretty teeth.
  • I’m going to drill you so hard, you’ll be sore for weeks