Dirty Pick up lines

It isn’t bad to say dirty pick up lines to a woman unless you’re rude or demeaning. Dirty pick up lines are designed to spark desire and interest. The woman you like might laugh or smile if you deliver these pick up lines well. These pick up lines give you points to be close to a woman. She might even engage a few pick up lines with you. Now, you know what where it leads. D

Are you ready to spark desire and humor to a lady? Read these dirty pick up lines and expect good result: 

  1. I’d love to travel with you around the world. But for now, let’s take a trip to my bedroom. 
  2. I’ll buy you a pizza when you come with me. It’s your advantage because you still get the pizza. 
  3. I do the best thing I can to get up with those buns despite my gluten allergy. 
  4. I’m planning to do a solo in my bedroom tonight. Do you want to drop by and make a duet? 
  5. Do you like yoga because I can give you private lessons at night? 
  6. Is your nicknamed humidity? Because I’m sweaty and hot when I’m with you! 
  7. I don’t care about your personality as long you have a face that turns me on. 
  8. Do you want to visit my kegger?  You can tap mine any time you like. 
  9. I’m having a sale tonight! My clothes would be 100% off later!  
  10. Do you want to go with me on a date or clean my house? Either way, I plan to go dirty with you. 
  11. Hello! I’m similar to the weather in Florida, nasty and hot! 
  12. Do you want to drink a light beer with me before we do heavy petting? 
  13. Are you like a Road Runner? Why? I love to do Coyote Ugly now. 
  14. Do you I look a leprechaun in a green hat? I love to touch your precious charms. 
  15. Do you want any help in doing math lessons? I’m good to grasp figures. 
  16. Is it already Christmas? I would love to open your big package. 
  17. Come close next to me, and I would show you this beautiful face each day! 
  18. Do you want to have a passionate sex before breakfast? Then, I would be lucky to serve you each day. 
  19. Are you a Princess from Mexico, I would love to kiss you on your Taco Bell. 
  20. You’re wearing a beautiful dress, but I like to put it on the floor. 
  21. I’m little scared of the monster under the bed. Will you help you make some noise and scare off the monster? 
  22. Wow, you’re very hot tonight? I’m sorry but have you pay my dry cleaning expenses. 
  23. Can I order an Uber for my friend? 
  24. Do you love to dance ballet? I broke my nuts when I watched you!
  25. Is your name Santa Claus? Why? I know you got a present for me in your sack. 

Why Dirty Pick Up Lines Work? 

Do you like to convey your intentions with a woman? Then, you can say dirty pick up lines to impress her. These pick up lines not only make the woman laugh, but she might be amused with your lines. The dirty pick up lines also hide your intentions of desire. 

Why Are Dirty Pick Up Lines Good? 

Men can make a women laugh with dirty pick up lines. They also show their humorous sides in saying dirty pick up lines. Also, it’s good for men for them to develop their confidence in talking to women using pick up lines. Come and try these pick up lines today! 

Where to find more pick up lines?

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