DNA Pick up lines

DNA Pick Up Lines 

Any woman finds an intelligent man so sexy! Generally, women are wowed by depth and therefore find an intelligent mind admirable. Intelligent men have proven to have the passion and hunger for knowledge. Women believe that intelligent men will explore their body and core with the same passion and hunger for exploring knowledge. Therefore a woman will always melt in desire and longing for an intelligent man. She needs a man who can stimulate not only her body but also her mind. But did you know that a woman likes a man with a good sense of humor more than she likes an intelligent man? Use these DNA pick up lines to demonstrate your intelligence.

Collection with the best DNA pick up lines

  • With your DNA and mine we could have some good looking kids. 
  • Can you spell DNA backwards? I hope you get me AND you.
  • I would like to unzip your genes are find out if we share the same DNA codes. 
  • Would you mind if I put my D iN your A? 
  • Have you ever imagined what our DNA could do together?
  • You and I are so intertwined that we could be a Helix. 
  • Are you waiting for my genes to encode into yours to love me?
  • My genes are putting pressure on me to love you. 
  • If I was DNA helicase I would unzip your genes. 
  • I took less time to fall in love with you than my DNA take to replicate.
  • Will you be the glue that links my DNA strands together?
  • I might be mistaken to assume we shall fall in love but it’s the same chance that my DNA will replicate. 
  • We click together like Thymine and Adenine.
  • Until the markers on my DNA are blocked, I won’t stop hitting on you. 
  • My eyes are stuck on you like histones on DNA.