Dragon Ball Z pick up lines


List of Dragon Ball Z Pick up lines

  1. Baby you must be a dragon, because you can sure make my balls glow.
  2. Are you in the ginyu force? because all I see is you in a lot of exotic positions
  3. Come back home with me let me show how powerful my big bang attack is.
  4. Let’s have a Big Bang!
  5. How about you put those hands to good use and come fire my laser beams?
  6. I want to Kamehameha you.
  7. Do you like dragon ball z, because you can drag these balls anytime.
  8. Your potara earrings make me want to merge bodies with you.
  9. You’re so hot, you could be my ki level.
  10. Baby, you must be a solar flare because you brighten up my day.
  11. Did it hurt baby, when you fell from snakeway?
  12. Majin Buu must have done something to you because you’re sweet as f***.
  13. I know somewhere you could put your sword.
  14. If that’s your sword in your hand what’s under your pants.
  15. Let’s goku my place
  16. I’m going to call you chiaotzu. because you’re a fine doll face.
  17. Want to see my chi chi?
  18. Hey love, lets ditch this place and try out the fusion technique at my place
  19. Baby girl, come and rock my dragon.
  20. Your sword makes me h****.
  21. Come and try summoning a big lizard in my pants.
  22. I have some magic balls, want to see them?
  23. Have you ever done a brain dance, if you catch my drift.
  24. Short, bad attitudes and balding guys are definitely my type.
  25. I rather have you than immortality.
  26. Short guys really make me randy.
  27. I rather date guys who are named after underwear.
  28. I can drain all your energy baby, even if I’m not android 19.
  29. Come let me put my wolf gang fist in you.
  30. You must be the head cha la.

Even more Dragon Ball Z Pick up lines

  1. If I gathered all the seven dragon balls al I would wish for was you.
  2. You’re saiyan, I’m super.
  3. Leather pants and short guys are definitely a turn on.
  4. I wish I could get a hand on your dragon balls.
  5. I’ve been told I have two of the greatest balls on the planet, want to see?
  6. Is that a sword in your trousers? Or you’re really excited to see me.
  7. My hair isn’t the only thing that’s large.
  8. Must be a nyoibo in your pocket, or you’re just excited to see me.
  9. My name is cell and I want to stick it in you.
  10. Want to see what else my tail can do?
  11. Come over to my place, let’s spar if you know what I mean.
  12. I don’t need 7 balls to summon a dragon when I’ve got you.
  13. You’re so hot you can make my power level increase.
  14. Is your name 9000? Cause I’m about to be all over you.
  15. You just extended my power pole.