Fairytales Pick up lines

Do you remember you favorite fairy tale? Fairy tales are the stories that were introduced to us as early readers. We read them every day from our bookshelves and some dominated our television screens. They have survived generations, especially with humble origins. The inspirations drawn from them have been translated in various languages and have eventually found places in theatres and cinema screens. In the modern world, fairy tales have continued to be the obvious choice for parents of little girls when it comes to movie nights or bedtime.  Tinkerbell, the Little Mermaid and Frozen are all beautifully imaginative tales that fill the little ones with wonder and hope. They offer children a fantasy world of adventure, romance and magic. Fairy tales not only demonstrate that beauty always outshines, but also that it overcomes darkness, monsters and witches lurking in the shadows. Here are fairytale pick up lines. Memorize them because you never know when they might come in handy. 

List with All Cheesy Fairytale Pick up lines

  • To make any fairy moan, you need to Tink’er’bell.
  • The three of you make such a great team, like three bowls of porridge. One is too cold, the other is too hot, while you are just right. Could you introduce me to the hot one?
  • Despite the fact that you are beautiful, most people forget that you were ever made. Could you be Mulan?
  • When I’m with you, I feel like 7 emotional diamond miners; are you Snow White?
  • You are like a princess. Could you be having a pee…oh, sorry, a pea in your mattress?
  • I hope your antidote chapstick works because I put poison in the orange you are eating.
  • Oops, you just blew me away; are you made of straws?
  • Down where it’s wetter, things are much better.
  • I’m thinking about Jasmine’s carpet, not Aladdin.
  • Because I’m going to touch the butt, call me Nemo.
  • You’ll end up spending more time in bed with me that Sleeping Beauty.
  • Let’s see if this fits, Cinderella.

fairytales pick up lines

Even more great fairytales pick up lines

  • Hi Jasmine, I wanted to know if the magic carpet matches the drapes.
  • Are you happy to see me or do you have a lamp in your pocket, Aladdin?
  • Did you just sit on my face and asked me to lie? You can’t be Pinoccio’d?
  • You need more than a spoonful of sugar to make me go down.
  • You get my heart racing; are you Lighting McQueen?
  • I’ll show you a new world if you spend just one night with me.
  • I’ll make you buzz for light years if you give me a Woody.
  • Honey, all I want is you; call me Pooh.
  • I’d like to introduce you to my Beast, Beauty.
  • If I were Alice, I’d explore your Wonderland.
  • Hey Cinderella, I see your dress disappearing from you by midnight.
  • Life without you, Gray, will be completely pointless just like a broken pencil.
  • One of Cupid’s arrows just hit me and made me fall in love at first sight.
  • Hi Evergreen, yesterday you said if I kicked you you’d kick me back; what if I loved you?
  • I don’t hate Lisanna but I won Natsu.
  • The alphabet has 21 letters, because the others spell U, R, A, Q,T.
  • Your name must be Google; because you have everything that I’ve been looking for.
  • You are so hot I’m going to need a burn heal.
  • I need you to pinch me so that I stop looking at the girl in my dreams.
  • If you go out with me, I’ll give you the antidote to the poison you just drunk.
  • Your smile is very sweet, I guess you must have eaten some cake recently.


If getting the attention of that girl you’ve always liked has proved difficult, then this collection of fairytale pick up lines are meant for you. They may help you have a big chance. They are so different that they are able to create varied moods. The best way to have that girl is to choose the best pick up line that will work for you. If the girl likes the pick up line that you’ve chosen, it will mark you as a brave and daring man, and that’s definitely what you want. In addition, fairytale pick up lines are cheesy and funny that they will relieve the tension that usually arises when you meet your dream girl for the first time or you don’t know her well. These fairytale pick up lines from our collection will make any girl remember you, like forever. 

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