Funny Pick up lines

You don’t need to wear expensive clothes for a woman to notice you. All you need to have is a great sense of humor. People know that women like men who could make them laugh, so it’s best for you to have funny pick up lines. Who knows, a woman would eventually go with you for a date if you make her laugh all the time. 

Here are a few of the funny pick up lines that you can say to a woman or even your friends: 

  1. With my smarts and your beauty, we’re going to be a pretty and dumb couple.
  2. Do you want to see an impression? Here’s my impression of us to go on a date. 
  3. I don’t usually approach women unless I hit on them. 
  4. Why do you think the pigeon and duck walk the road? Of course, they want to flock at you. 
  5. If I’m a hipster, I would rather shave this beard and ate organic for your sake! 
  6. I don’t have any idea about my star sign, but I hope it matches yours. 
  7. I’m proud to be a box set because I’m a great solution for you to spend your weekend. 
  8. You’re so perfect that Christopher Walken might say, enough with the cowbells! 
  9. I want can’t wait for the release of an awkward second album where you can come out with me. 
  10. How I wish you’re the flu so that we could be stuck on the bed. 
  11. You and I are like sandpaper. You’re fine, and I’m rough. 
  12. On Halloween, you might say threat or treat! 
  13. Are you a runaway model? So, I can get permission to land on you.
  14. Are you the Uber in an asylum? You always drive me crazy! 
  15. Do you like to date a rich guy or a funny guy? Don’t worry I’m working to earn a billion dollar! 
  16. Knock, knock! Who are you? I ‘m Date St.  Who’s Date St? My name’s not St. But I would love to have a date you! 
  17. Enough of the negging part because I can’t do it! Let’s go out on a date instead.
  18. Please stop lying in front of me because you’re so good and true. 
  19. Is your nickname Sharpie? Because you already make a last impression on me. 
  20. You’re one reason why cave dwellers wrote on walls, but I wouldn’t say you’re old. 
  21. If a picture reflects a thousand words, then you would be a sexy thesaurus! 
  22. Are you a policeman? Because you’re so arresting to my eyes. 
  23. Is your uncle a tailor?  Well, because you’re such a fine person to me.
  24. Does an architect’s blood flow in you? Because I know how you’re built. 
  25. Don’t give me a coffee in the morning. I want your homemade milk instead. 

Why Funny Pick Up Lines Work? 

Funny pick-up lines get a person’s attention by making them laugh. It also reflects your funny side. You can even make the woman you like the smile on a gloomy day. Also, don’t forget that funny pick up lines can get a woman to like you. 

Why Funny Pick Up Lines are Good? 

Like other pick up lines, funny pick-up lines express happiness that makes a person laugh. These pick up lines also start of a conversation if you want to talk to the woman of your dreams. Men can easily know a woman by making them smile. Who knows, a woman might eventually fall for you when you give her to pick up lines every day! Remember that you don’t need to pretend you’re funny.  Be yourself and everything follows!