Ghetto Pick up lines 

Find the most funny Ghetto Pick up lines to flirt with!

Ghetto can mean several things. It can mean the way someone can be described or the way someone lives. One can be called a ghetto and be offended or can be proud of being a ghetto. If you are planning on hitting a ghetto, here are ghetto pick up lines you can use and be sure to charm to boots out of a ghetto. They are funny, silly and hilarious. Enjoy!

Overview of Funny, Silly and Hilarious Ghetto Pick up lines

  • You must be the one who started global warming. You are so hot.
  • You’ve got a nicely tuned body. Was you dad a mechanic?
  • Do you have a heat radiator in your pocket? You’ve just melted mu icy heart.
  • That ripper slipper makes you look so sexy.
  • I’ve always dreamed of coming across pretty teeth, but yours are prettiest.
  • You are aware I live a Magnum lifestyle.
  • I’m not those kind of men who buy expensive cars to make up for certain shortages.
  • Your mugshot photo is nothing but a reflection of your beauty.
  • You are a good girl. You just need a thug in your life to treat you wright. 
  • I believe your divided legs show that you are good in math.
  • Keep watch girl. I wouldn’t wish that you fall in love with another man.
  • You got fine written all over you as if your dad was a traffic cop.
  • Will you come over for some malt liquor?
  • If you come over you’ll be the screen door and I’ll slam you all night.
  • There’s something missing in your phone: my number.
  • I love that weave. It’s out of this world. 

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  • Which directory is your number in?
  • Here I am. What’s your other wish?
  • A perfect crime can be defined as a situation where I steal your heart, and you steal mine.
  • Called to confirm if your heart is available for layaway.
  • Did you steal all the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes?
  • I went to buy mannequin in the hair store but t was real expensive. Is this your real hair?
  • They say what matters is on the inside. What about I get on the inside?
  • Would you spit or swallow my seed if I was a watermelon?
  • I’d love to date a girl like my mother; one who knows her place in a good way.
  • Do you know how much bug infestation in the low income house project are loved? Imagine I love you more. 
  • Last night I was arrested for having two guns and a six pack.

Ghetto pick up lines are related to drugs, crime and thieves. They are ideal to pick up girls in the ghetto or in a not so nice area. Although you may not want to use ghetto pick up lines in the heart of the ghetto, you can take the advantage of them to show that you have a ghetto background. Remember girls love guys who have come from nothing to everything, so ghetto pick up lines may work magic for you.