Golf Pick up lines

Here you will find some of the best Golf Pick up lines

Overview of Golf Pick up lines

  • Are you a Nike One Platinum ball? Because I would like to see you on a T.
  • I hit all 18 Holes today, now I’m so tired I can barely walk.
  • Boy, are you by chance a water hazard? You got me soaking wet here.
  • Are you kinky? I could let you do something I wouldn’t let any other person do on the PGA tour. I’ll let you beat me.
  • I’ll bring some friends so we could play a foursome.
  • Damn, baby girl! You’ve got the nicest rack I’ve seen outside a PGA Tour locker room.
  • Do you want me to pull the ball out? Is it too soon?
  • Will a bear crap in the woods? Nah, but I’m willing to screw in them.
  • Hello lady, are you looking for the fairway? Because you coming back to my rom is the only fair way for this evening to end.
  • From the second I saw you, my shaft had a vertical angle.
  • I’m no Tiger but I can shoot into your holes straight.
  • Hey would you mind what you have in your jeans to be the 14th ranked golfer in the world?  Because I can make that V-jay sing and weep.
  • Hey, were you a major in the Army? Cos each time you pass I seem to get a major salute.
  • How about bringing two of your friends so we can have a nice a foursome this evening?
  • Would you be my caddy and wash my balls tonight?
  • Tell me baby, how many strokes do you want? I won’t rest till I shoot all.
  • Honey, I hope you like it hard and rough? Because I never replace my divots.
  • I just finished a round of golf, shot all 18 holes. Do you wanna be my 19th and best hole today?

More funny Golf Pick up lines for guys

  • I only play in the short grass, but if it is not available, a bed of sand is okay too.
  • My Tiger, I promise to polish your shaft and lick clean your balls in this new golf season. Just make sure you shoot my holes daily.
  • Tonight I’m a bit tired, so how about we just play your backside?
  • See how I pound these range bells? That’s just how I’m gonna pound you.
  • I’m known on the tour for having a lengthy shaft.
  • I’m still working on my method, but I think I have a pretty good swing especially with my long club.
  • I’ve got some news. I like to go low always.
  • Is that my golf bag in your pants? I just finished a hard game and I would like to put my wood in there.
  • It takes some balls to play golf, luckily I never run out of them.
  • Damn! Look how big his putter is. Easily as thick as my wrist.
  • My shaft is too hard it hurts when I play, is there a way you can soften it?
  • Oh you only have a threesome? Mind if I join for a complete game?
  • So baby, what’s it gonna be today, Skins? Or Stroke Play?
  • To begin, stand still and spread your legs shoulder width. Yes, that’s the first step to a successful golf swing.