Guitar Pick up lines

Guitar Pick Up Lines:

There is nothing mesmerizing like strumming chords out of a guitar. In fact, science attributes playing guitar to having a different brain functions. A good guitar riff does not only bring the best out of a song, but also evokes emotions. Guitar players are famous for finding a soothing and meditative quality of playing music. They are an exceptional breed of musicians! Is your dream girl a guitar player? Use these guitar pick up lines the next time you visit her at the theatre. 

Will you grease my slide?

Hey girl, you’ve plucked my heart strings. 

Will you come over to my place tonight? I’d like to strum your G-string.  

My guitar trainer has always lauded my fingering ability especially on the G-string. 

Can I finger your fret board?

How about you and your friend play a trio on me?

I lost my job as a guitarist but that doesn’t mean at poor at fingering the G-string. 

You deserve some strumming on your G-string.

Let’s play some soft guitar together, girl. 

My guitar isn’t the only thing I’m strumming tonight. 

I’d like to tap you like my guitar string. 

I am a guitarist; can I strum your G-string?

Hey, when I mention the word G-string would you get interested in me?

Hey girl, I can only play when your G-string is sitting securely on my nut. 

If you were mine, I would run my fingers up and down your G-string all day. 

I’m at great at fingering my guitar, maybe it reflects what I can do for you. 

Baby girl, let me be your guitar so that you can plug me in and turn me on. 

I’m a guitar player, because real men use their fingers.

Come sit on my nut, I will finger you all the time.