Heart Pick Up Lines

Talking to a girl about her heart is so romantic because you hear her beat as you talk. Heart pick up lines can sure help you capture the heart of that cute girl you want to build a relationship with. They will make you create a funny yet sweet first impression. When you use these pick up lines, we guarantee you that romance will never be dead. They will reveal your romantic side and this will sure melt her heart. These sweet heart pick up lines are worth a try if you are looking to make a great impression to a cute girl. 

The five best heart pick up lines

  1. Science says the heart stops when one sneezes, but mine stops when I set my eyes on you. 
  2. Hey girl, be the thunder that vibrates in my heart. 
  3. Can I be the thief who steals your heart and you be the thief who steals my name?
  4. Are you a thief? Because you stole my heart from where you are seated. 
  5. Winning your heart won’t mean you have a weak heart. 

The rest

  • Until you change the lock, I am the key to your heart. 
  • I am a scout and I want to tie your heart in a knot. 
  • When I saw you my heart took off. 
  • If stealing your heart is a crime, I’m prepared to commit the offence and be behind bars. 
  • I wish one of these keys was for your heart. 
  • I should make a report to the report that someone stole my heart and you are the prime suspect. 
  • If life was a deck of cards, you would be the queen of the hearts. 
  • People will walk into your life but only lovers will leave a footprint in your heart. I have realized you have left a great one in my heart. Can we be lovers?
  • Sorry didn’t get your name, my heart stopped when you were speaking. 
  • Committing a perfect crime would be me stealing your heart and you stealing mine. 
  • Are we in a plane or is that my heart taking off?
  • Falling for me wouldn’t mean you have a weak heart. 
  • I would give you my heart if you were a transplant surgeon. 
  • If one day you wake up in a red room without doors or windows, don’t wail because you will be in my heart. 
  • God gave you have two hands, two legs, two eyes, and two ears, but only one heart so that you could find my heart and make it a second.