Hockey Pick Up Lines

All of the great Hockey Pick up lines. 

Are you interested in the Hockey sport? Then this place is just about right for you. Here you will find an overview of all the best and of course most funny Hockey Pick up lines.

Overview of the Hockey Pick up lines

Do you think you could slip one past my goalie?

Hey, I feel that I can be nacheral with you because you are so beurdiffle.

I could slip one past your tendy if you let me.

If you give me your name and number, I would get you a customised jersey.

I can prove to you that Gretzky is not the only great one.

I cannot resist poke-checking you, you must be a hockey player. 

I need a new equipment manager, do you think you could fill that spot?

I say we drop our gloves and have a go at it, what say you?

Would you let me display? I can make a score on your 5-hole.

If you are Zam, I mean, there are rumours, but if really you are, I’d love a Zamboni ride.

I do not remember my name but I think they call me Zam. How about a Zamboni ride for that?

C’mon baby, the iceman cometh… but never too soon.

I have a curved stick. Would you like to check it out sometime? I could let you even play with it.

How about a 5 minute penalty in my box.

I am good on the ice, would you like to see another place I am good at?

You have not seen a hat-trick like mine. You are getting an offer to. I must warn you, it is terrible.

How would you like a puck? Because you got ‘em nice Skates.

Hey, would you like to hold my shaft for a couple?

Do you think I stand a chance of scoring with you?

Let me tell you a secret, I am Stanley, I have a Cup which I could show you if you do not tell on me.

Since you have made it clear that I cannot score, could I at least, get an assist?

Do you want to find out my definition of roughing?

Would you like to know how life can be if we stick together?

It is not pride but I bet my life I can score on your 5-hole. If I lose, at least, I’ll owe you my life which is still victory.

Hey, you just tripped me! Better do something about it for I am falling for you! 

Is it just coincidence? Because my name is Stanley and I own a Cup.

Did you know that my stick curves to the right?