Horse Pick up lines

All the best Horse Pick up lines to flirt with!

Horse Pick up lines are for the manly men! The studs! What better way to emphasize your dominance and stamina that with these beasts of burden that can indeed bear any burden. With their brute strength and sheer magnificence, horses have attributes that many men aspire to and aim to be described by. A true horse of a man excites women, as he promises satisfaction on levels they had probably not experienced before. 

Horse Pick up lines pique your curiosity about how much a man truly can handle. And indeed, many women enjoy the challenge; the first step of cool defiance about a man’s claims and their eventual submission to his dominance once he breaks all their barriers and goes beyond his words to deliver them to a greater level of satisfaction. 

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  • Trust me, if ever you broke your leg and became an inviable financial investment, I would never put you down. 
  • If you let me, I’d love to ride with you on my horse forever. We’ll ride all the way to the moon if you want. 
  • Hey baby, I have a story you would like. It involves you and me turning the world around by riding restlessly.
  • Don’t get me wrong baby, but I’d love to foal-fill all your needs tonight.
  • If you want, I’ll be your wonderful horse and you’ll be my knight riding me all night long. 
  • Babe, I’d like to have a stable relationship with you. 
  • Would you please get rid of that saddle and come be my mane squeeze? 
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you need to see me walk past you again? 
  • Forget the other guys, I’m the best rider anywhere in the country. 
  • Hi, would you like to star in my cowboy movie? You can ride my pony all night long. 
  • You must be tired because you have been trotting through my mind all day. 
  • You’re a fine little filly, you know that? 
  • I’m hung like a horse. 
  • Your ass is so nice, is your dad a donkey? 
  • Let’s run away together on my horse. We could ride all night to every corner of the world. 
  • Your hooves must be sore from galloping through my dreams all night. 
  • Well, aren’t you a nice little filly. I’m a purebred myself, wanna go for a quick trot? 
  • It must be obvious to you by now, but your beautiful face makes me giddy up. 
  • Hay there girl. 
  • If you are a horse, you’ll always be my first pick. 
  • Hey lady, would you like to join my exclusive racing club? 
  • Baby, if I ran a race with you, I’d let you come first every time. 
  • Hey baby, what’s your name? Because you are my pick. 
  • Just like an exotic wager, you’re hard to win. 

With these horse pick up lines you get to be direct and blunt about what you want. It’s surprising how many women truly seek that in a man. Go through our crazy list of pick up lines and while at it don’t forget to horse around a little! By the way, take a look at this article from buzzfeed if you are looking for more lines in this section.