Hurricane Pick Up Lines

The mention of hurricanes reminds us of the massive destruction of property and displacement of thousands of people. Up to date, people are still being evacuated from their homes and still seeking shelter away from the floods. Though the effects of floods may still fresh in the minds of the evacuees, you can make most of the situation by promising a shelter and comfort to a cute girl and it might just work for you. Hurricane pick up lines are ideal for rainy days. So next time you are stuck at the airport or a bust station, take advantage of this list of hurricane pick up lines and spice up your romance life. 

Hurricane Pick Up Lines to use

  • Storms can knock me out of power, but your eyes have all the electricity I need. 
  • Hurricane Irene is rated at 3, but if you were Irene you would be rated at 10. 
  • I hope you stocked up all supplies because my pants are surging in storm. 
  • Are you Irene? Because you seem to be perfect at blowing. 
  • Did you watch the latest report on hurricane? The headline was sexy. 
  • You don’t need to carry extra batteries, because I have two flashlights that can take us the all night. 
  • People loot after the hurricanes, but you have stolen my heart already. 
  • The storm may cause serious destruction, keep your pants tight. 
  • I hope you have enough sandbags, because hurricane isn’t the only thing flooding your basement. 
  • How about we leave all the batteries and make our won electricity?
  • Like hurricane, you are blowing me. 
  • Would you like to collect my precipitation? 
  • How about we make out in the rain?
  • Can I be your umbrella?
  • Girl, tonight you are experiencing a massive storm surge. 
  • Will you want a storm in your pants? I already have one in mine.