Ice cream Pick up lines


Ever met anyone who said ‘No’ to a cone of Ice Cream? I’m thinking not! Ice creams are confections that make everyone happy (even people on diets get to enjoy the healthier types). So what better way to get that person’s attention if not with a delicious Ice cream pick up line? Ice cream pick up lines are ageless and help to create a fun and playful air. There is no awkwardness, no serious calculation and you can’t possibly use them wrongly. We all know that Ice creams are the toppings that make life sweeter.

The pick up lines about ice cream

  • Hey baby, do you know you can’t spell ICE CREAM WITHOUT M-E. 
  • lick me up, I’m mint. 
  • You’re so hot, you make me melt away. 
  • Cone me baby. 
  • If you’re rocky road, I’d still love to pave you. 
  • Baby, how can you look so fresh? Were you churned. 
  • You know what would be really cute? A big bowl with one scoop of you and one scoop of me. 
  • I-scream, you scream, we scream, because we are meant to mix together. 
  • Your smoothness is making me lose my chips. 
  • Hey baby, I’m serious about you. Not here to play games except it’s brain freeze. 
  • Hey baby, I brought a spoon over in case you are interested in tasting my flavor. 
  • I am absolutely NUTS for you. I must be made of pecan pralines. 
  • Have you even seen a 10 inch cone before? Wanna lick mine? 
  • Seeing you makes me feel like my banana is getting split, my cream is getting whipped and my spoon is getting licked. 
  • Baby, I need a dentist because you are too sweet.
  • You’re simply amazing. Your serving is so soft yet your cone is incredibly firm. 
  • Some say they’re sprinkles, some call it jimmies. I see them as obstacles on my way to your heart. 
  • Hey babe, I recommend some of my fries to go with that milk shake. 
  • How would you like to handle my 8″ popsicle? 
  • If you were ice cream, I’m sure you would be my favorite flavor. 
  • Let’s play a game of ice cream flavors. You’ll pretend to be vanilla, I’ll be chocolate so we can swirl. 

  • You’re irresistible, just like a bowl of ice cream; I have to spoon you. 
  • Would you mind if my frozen yogurt takes a dip in your hot fudge? 
  • Hot fudge sundae would be meaningless without you. 
  • I love you more than I love ice cream.
  • You’re hot and I’m ice, let’s mingle together and make some cream. 
  • If you were a task on my list to get ice cream, I’d do you all day. 
  • I would like to lay you down and lick some ice cream off your hot body. 
  • Your nice ice cream smile is all the sweetness I need in this world filled with bitterness. 
  • Let’s just add some marshmallows and crinkles to our love and our story would be perfect. 
  • Close your eyes and imagine a world filled with ice cream cones and unlimited scoops of all your favorite flavors; that’s what I see when I look at you. 
  • If you could see my heart right now, you would find it melted like gelato with a big grin on it. 
  • When I’m with you, the atmosphere tastes like some nice ice cream cake. 
  • When you smile, I smile because I know what you’re thinking: Ice cream! 
  • Take me along on your ice cream van and I’ll never come down. 
  • We should linger in these sweet moments and let our taste buds explode with the flavor of our love. 
  • Lick lick lick lick lick me like a popsicle. 
  • Even if you are as cold as a gelato treat, I’ll make you as warm as a painting of a beautiful sunset. 
  • You my dear are like Choco Taco; everyone wants a piece of you. 
  • If you are an ice cream lawyer, then I will always want to get served. 


So did you also get a little hungry from all these ice cream flavoured pick up lines? If so, dont worry! We just included a little video here for you to enjoy.

Ice cream is an irresistible treat for kids and grownups alike. You get extra points if you are able to tell some ice cream jokes, or capture the attention of your crush’s heart with a few sweet pick up lines. This is why this list compiles the best Ice cream pick up lines that will make you irresistible to whoever piques your interest. Almost as irresistible as the ice cream offer itself! You can use these lines as they are written or get creative and add some of your own flavor to get them tasting different. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun at it!