Law Pick up lines

If you want to impress a guy or a girl that are studying law – then take a look at these law Pick Up Lines. 

Law is one of most respected and serious professions across the globe. So if you study law or want to hit on a sweet law student, law pick up lines are your ideal pick up lines. They are perfect for wooing a cute girl who is familiar with matters law such as court house workers, paralegals and attorneys. They will sure add flirty spice and help you land a law professional. Here they are.

Law Pick up lines collection

  • Call me anytime you need divorce. I will offer my services to you for free. 
  • When it comes to your beauty, I am not qualified to judge you. 
  • Baby girl, your body has the ability to make this court out of order. 
  • Can I use my power as an attorney right now?
  • As a lawyer I always like to be on top of people from the time I was a student. 
  • I would like to take risk and court you.
  • You will not be in contempt if you hold me tonight.
  • I’m aware courting you might put me in trouble, but I’m willing to take the risk. 
  • I will like to test my disciplined nature against the trouble-maker in you. 
  • Congratulations for making it to the list of my most wanted. 
  • You are free to bring all your lawyer stuff and I promise to release your tension. 
  • After persevering studying law, I now want to preserver just to get your heart. 
  • I have sacrificed a lot to train and study law and I’m willing to sacrifice to get you. 
  • Studying law is all stressful but I’m willing to take more for you. 
  • I am a lawyer and if getting into your pants work then it would be fine. 
  • I hope being a lawyer and in suit works to my advantage. 
  • Being a lawyer I am willing to enforce the law of attraction on us.