Magic Pick Up lines

Magic is always around us and comes when we least expect it. I personally want to try and deal with magic when is wish to and hope that every other person would. Girls in particular love romance and magic in equal measure. As a result, when you make magic part of your pick up lines then you are sure to put a spell on any girl. Using magic pick up lines make you appear more talented and suave than you actually are. We have selected the best magic pick up lines around the web to bring magic to your one liners and help you woo the girl you have always wanted. Use them and be sure to attract lots of babes. 

Here are the many magic pick up lines

  • Right now I am here to give you a bit of magic.
  • If you let me, I will pour all the seeds of magic that is in me to you.
  • There’s a lot of magic in my pants waiting to be let out to give you what it can.
  • You really have a face that is bewitching, for real.
  • Darling, time froze the moment I set eyes on you, could you be basilisk?
  • When our lips touched, I felt some sparks. That’s how I knew you are the one for me.
  • Believe me, if you come to my room I’ll show you lifetime magic.
  • If you please me in the room tonight, I would do anything you want me to.
  • Your beautiful face has gotten into me too much that I feel like I am under a curse.
  • Well, let me touch those boobs to confirm whether you put a spell on them or they are real.
  • I’ll tell you one of the greatest secrets of magic if you kiss me.
  • Ever since I met you, I have had a hard-on. Would you help me get a cure to it?
  • When you are around me, I keep getting harder. Could I be under a curse?
  • Your robe looks so magical to me that I wonder whether it is real or you bought it from elsewhere.

Even more magical pick up lines

  • Come here and try this old magic I know that would work perfectly with you.
  • Take your clothes off right now and prove to me that you are really a muggle.
  • Right now, with my eyes I can see that you have natural magic inside you.
  • I can show you magic by making your hymen disappear within seconds.
  • Would you let me Weasley my way right into your mind and heart?
  • Come and take me tonight, I want to be with you in this broom closet.
  • You are taking all my breath away with your pretty mage outfit.
  • If you sleep with me, I’ll tell you the tricks of all my magic tricks.
  • Don’t hesitate to come to me if you have any trouble; just come to me and I will solve it for you.
  • The sorting hat never makes any wrong choices, and right now he says I belong with you.
  • I was thinking of how much of a keeper you can become; do you play quidditch?
  • I want to take on under, over and sideways on a magic trip if you let me open your tights and take you wonder by wonder.
  • I feel so compelled to block you because you are enchanted with lure.
  • My magic watch is 20 minutes faster, and right now it says you don’t have an underwear on.
  • Do you want to see my magic wand?
  • My wand is ready, in case you want to make some magic.
  • All my dreams are combined in you, I want to make them a reality tonight.
  • The magic effect you have on me is so great that it makes me want to tell you to be with me.

These magic puck up lines are guaranteed to work on any cute girl. All you need to do is to choose the right romantic target. Pick up lines can fail terrible if used on a wrong target group. Our advice to you if you want to increase your odds of landing that cutie is to approach her when she is with the same sex. You might find out her name before you approach her to make you appear even more magical. Alternatively, you may choose to sit in some visible corner and pretend to be performing your magic. The cute girl will sure love your magic and come straight to you. There is nothing that works magic than looking and acting as though you are the master of magic when using our pick up lines. She will definitely believe you are and fall for you.