Mario Pick up lines

Mario game is a classic! The originality, coolness and fun are some of the reasons why Mario is one of the classic games for a decade. Even those who aren’t fan of Mario still love and play the game. Aside from being a videogame giant, Mario plays the game with love and care. With him and his brother working hard to save Peach, everybody is in love with the game. Other people love the game purely on the grounds of high quality. Unlike other games, Mario game is not made to just rob you of your cash neither does it come every year. Though the game has evolved over the ages, it is still a hot game to adults and kids. Next time you are with a Mario fan, here are some of the best Mario pick up lines that might increase your odds of landing her. 

Lets get a look at the Mario inspired Pick Up lines

  • Do you want to watch some Mario?  I have some on my PC on my bed and we can check it right away. 
  • I would only give up super Mario for you, without any regrets. 
  • Apart from promising you super Mario, what can I do to have you naked?
  • I’m sure watching Mario would be prettier with your golden hair wrapped on my large rod. 
  • I stopped to watch you in the middle of my Mario game. That’s how beautiful you are. 
  • I’d bet my money that you’ll look better naked than in a pink dress. 
  • Can we have some nice time together and watch super Mario?
  • You have some pretty melons that I can’t help holding while watching my Mario game. 
  • Sonic may be blue but Luigi is green and I’ll show you what it means to be red if you promise to come over to my room. 
  • Come join me as I play super Mario. I can shoot some more fireworks for you. 
  • I’ve been waiting to find you, darling. Because you can be the powerup in my world of super Mario. 
  • I can spend every money on you even if it means quitting playing super Mario if you come with me. 
  • You must be the magic flower because I’ve been burning up since you came here. 
  • Nothing turns me on than the thought of playing a game with you on my bed. 
  • I have to say that super Mario has been my favorite but that has all changed and you are my new favorite. 
  • I would quit playing super Mario if it means spending more time on my bed together. 
  • Have been watching super Mario because I’ve never found a better way to spend my time. Shall we spend some quality time together?
  • Can we pretend to be princess Peach and super Mario tonight?
  • There is nothing better than playing a game in my bedroom and see who wins. 
  • I want you to be the magic feather to my Mario. 
  • If I were a tube, would you be the one to clean me out?
  • You have a pretty smile and I want to play super Mario with you to keep it for a while. 
  • I hear you are good at evading enemies like super Mario. Can I try it out for myself tonight?

Last couple of Super Mario Pick up lines

  • I should see if you are princess Peach because I bet you taste good. 
  • The part I love most about super Mario is wanting to save her, and that’s want I want to do for you. 
  • I can save you anytime as long as I get a taste of you. 
  • My pipes have been really dry for a year now. Can you fill them up? 
  • If I’m told to choose between riding you and Yoshi, I’d choose riding you any day. 
  • I’d be in you all day if you were a warp tube. 
  • You don’t have to worry about turning on a game to play with me.
  • I’m not called super for nothing. Can I prove that tonight? 

Want to see these Mario pick up lines being carried out in real life? Look here!

Mario game is not the only addictive thing. Most people are addicted to Mario pick up lines just as they are addicted to the game. We can guarantee that girl you are interested in will fall in love with you at the mention of the awesome characters in the game. They are exciting and will leave that cutie surprised at your creativity while at the same time impressed by the humor. What we know is that the pick up lines have never been a matter of boredom even to those who are not fanatics of the game.