Monkey Pick Up Lines

Monkeys are generally cute and highly intelligent animals. There are several species with defined abilities and characteristics including color and size. They are known for having humanistic movements and great ability to care for young ones. One of the most standout trait of monkeys id the ability to give different pitches to call a mate, warn off danger and communicate to their young ones. Monkey pick up lines are great for sweeping potential romantic partners off their feet into your arms. Here are some of the best monkey pick up lines guaranteed to get you a reaction:

The best monkey pick up lines

  • I have got a plenty of bananas your monkey can play with. 
  • Would you mind playing with my monkey? 
  • Can we drink you + me tonight?
  • If I were monkey I would climb you often. 
  • Want to hang out? I can help. 
  • I find you really a-peeling. 
  • How about we get down to monkey business? 
  • Someone told me that you like monkeys. Will you play with mine?
  • Are you a banana? Because I find you a peeling.
  • Please don’t hurt my monkey. Strike it gently and see it rise. 
  • Hey girl, if you worked at a zoo and I were a monkey, would you keep me?
  • I’m told monkeys make great lovers because they know the penalty for early withdrawal. Will I be your monkey?
  • Girl, I am told a banana does the body good, but how many have you been taking to make you this good?
  • How about we play zoo and you tame my monkey?
  • I wouldn’t slap you if you were my monkey; I would only five your face. 
  • Do you love monkeys? Would you tame mine?
  • Do you visit the zoo often? Because you may have the skills to tame my monkey. 
  • If you lost your monkey, would you tame mine?