Moon Pick Up Lines 

The moon is always considered romantic! It is a loyal companion; ever there, watching, steadfast and knowing us in our light and dark moments. It is sometimes weak and wan, but sometimes strong and full of light. The full moon is a time for romantic relationships. It is a time to take a romantic partner for an outdoor hiking, go on a cruise, or take a dance. It is basically a moment to be affectionate and to cherish. Moon pick up lines are good for introducing yourself to a cute girl you have fancied for quite long. Here are some of the best moon themed pick up lines to invite her to an outdoor hiking in the full moon light.

The best moon pick up lines 

  • You must be the moon, because you shine even when it’s dark. 
  • I bet it is a full moon. Because I am feeling a tidal pull towards your heavenly body. 
  • Are the North Star? Because your light guided me to this place.
  • I am here for you like a night needs the moon. 
  • You are like a blue supergiant: extremely hot and bright. 
  • Are you the moon? Because you light up my world in the darkest moments. 
  • You are more beautiful than the full moon. 
  • You are the sun to my moon. There’s no one else I would rather bang. 
  • How about we go out and just look at the moon?
  • Will you be the moon in my night sky?
  • Hey girl, I just saw the moon; in your eyes. 
  • Will you be the sun to my moon?
  • How about we just go outside to the moonlight and just enjoy life?
  • Your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dark glimmer of the moon. 
  • No matter where you are the moonlight always shines in the dark. Will you be my moon?
  • I promise to love you to the moon and back. 
  • The moon looks lovely tonight; like your face. 
  • Hey girl, I like your beautiful face: always glowing like the moon.
  • If you were the sun, I would be the moon so that I orbit around you.
  • How about I take you to the moon? We can learn about the moon then afterward maybe I can explore your body.
  • My space ship is ready. Would you like to take a ride to the moon?
  • Will you come to my place and enjoy the moonlight. Afterwards you can observe something that is constantly expanding. 
  • Are you into astronomy? Because I want to explore the moon with you.
  • Hey girl, you would beat the moon in a pretty contest. You are so beautiful. 
  • A day without you would be like a night without the moon: so dark.