Orange Pick up lines

You might have had your eyes on that cute hot girl for way too long and now feel it’s the right time to make a move. We have searched high and low and compiled a list of some of the best orange pick up lines to help you sweep that cute girl off her feet. 

Best Orange Pick Up Lines

  • My heart longs to take you to the Orange County and stay with you there forever. 
  • It will be so cool spending a night with you, because you are always juiced up and ready to go. 
  • You have sight great eyesight! Is it because you keep your eyes peeled?
  • Oranges are the kind of citrus fruit I like best. Can you come over so that I prepare you some orange juice?
  • Roses are red, berries are blue, oranges are orange and you are cool. 
  • Are you glad to see that orange or you are just happy?
  • Is juice day your favorite day of the week? Because I want to make next week be one. 
  • I was figuring out how to make you orange juice when you come over. 
  • I’m told that you are so sweet that you sweat orange juice. 
  • If you were an orange I would beat you to a pulp and drink you every day.
  • Should I peel you or eat you with your peels?
  • I thought you were drinking Coca-Cola only to realize it was a Fanta sea.
  • Time is ripe for us to have more words that rhyme with orange. 
  • Hey girl, I like you because you’ve got a lot of peel. 
  • Can we go home and take some algebra? We will have the whole night to compare oranges to apples.
  • I’m sure you won’t fail our relationship test like an orange that failed a drinking test because it kept peeling out. 
  • I can take you to an orange juice factory for a weekend if you promise to peel out tonight. 
  • Do you know why I like you like I like my orange juice? Because you concentrate. 
  • They told me I would fail to take you home like an orange that failed a driving test because it kept peeling out. Will you disappoint them?
  • I love my orange juice and I like you too. That’s why I want to drink my juice before I eat your pulp. 
  • Can we have a date tomorrow so that we can go to my orange farm and prune orange trees?