Penguin pick up lines

Penguin Pick Up Lines

Penguin’s love life is one the most fascinating things in the world. For a penguin, stones and stones are not for breaking bones, but are symbols of love. Sticks are used to make nests for raising children while stones are heartfelt gifts from the male counterparts. They are also a perfect example that the way to a girl’s heart doesn’t have to be through flowers and candy. Finally, they show that the mood for romance doesn’t have to be rosy. Though they inhabit some of the harshest parts of the world, they are one of the most romantic birds. Be the penguin and woo that cute girl with these penguin pick up lines. 

  • Penguins keep their legs between their legs, want to be my egg?
  • Of all the animals, it’s only penguins that stay with the same partner their entire lives. Will you be my penguin?
  • It will be waddling sweet to go home with me.
  • Will you pick up all that I put down?
  • Have you seen that penguin on the South Pole? How about you look at my pole?
  • People call me an emperor penguin because I put on my wizard hat and robe.
  • Hey girl, would you like to get a closer look at my pecker?
  • I am a real penguin. How about you see real penguin’s snowballs?
  • Like a penguin, allow me rescue you from a crowd of men. 
  • A penguin follows his dreams. That’s why I want to follow you because you are my dream. 
  • Roses are reed, violets are blue and I am your penguin. 
  • Hey penguin, if you are looking for treasure, you don’t have to look beyond my chest. 
  • Will I be your penguin and wrap your legs around me?
  • Are you a penguin? Because you are good at catch and release thing. 
  • You are so beautiful that even penguins are jealous of your beauty. 
  • I always thought penguins are the only beautiful things with black and white strips until I met you. 
  • Have you read this novel called Doki Doki Penguin? I have one we can red together lying on my bed. 
  • It is funny that penguins present stones as a sign of love, but I want to be a penguin because they stay with their loves ones for the rest of their lives. 
  • Describe the penguin you love without referring to yourself. I’m sure you find it hard because you have one thing in common: beauty. 
  • If you were a penguin, what would you do if temperatures rose too high? My advice would be to pluck your feathers and dive into my bed. 
  • I didn’t know that you are like an adorable penguin until you perched and built a nest in my heart.