Perverted Pick Up Lines

Find the best Perverted Pick Up Lines

Perverted pick up lines can be awesome! Believe it or not, most men and women actually enjoy being the butt of these perverted thoughts than they care to admit. We all have that person we admire that we would love to use our pick up lines on. Why not attempt to use a perverted pick up line to guage their reaction. See how they like it and increase your repertoire of perverted pick up lines from our list.

Perverted pick up lines shouldn’t necessarily be used on strangers as you wouldn’t want to make a bad first impression. It’s however perfect to use on someone you have known for years. This will actually be nice if you are known to dabble in perverted thoughts. Using these pick up lines will show them that you have upped your perverted game to levels they haven’t thought of. What other way to get on the perverted legends list than by getting a date with a beautiful person using a perverted pick up line. Our list of perverted pick up lines is available to you for use, they are listed below.

List with all the greatest perverted pick up lines

  • Hi, I am an astronaut and Uranus is the place I want to explore next. 
  • If what they say is true that we are what we eat, come with me and I could be you in the morning. 
  • Hey there, you’ve got something on your chest: my eyes. 
  • I’m not so good at algebra but I know U+I= 69.
  • F*** me if I’m wrong, I’m guessing your name is Bridget?
  • I wish you were a door, then I’ll slam you all night long. 
  • You know what? I found a condom in my wallet that has your name on it. 
  • Hey, would you help me look for my puppy? I saw him enter a motel room accross the street. 
  • Hey, let’s go play a game where I pretend to be a gynaecologist and you’ll be my patient. 
  • I misplaced my teddy bear, can I sleep with you instead? 
  • Hi, there are 206 bones in my body, want to help me grow another one? 
  • Your pants look great on you, do you mind if I test the zipper? 
  • Hey! You look like you could be a hardworker, I have a hole that needs filling. 
  • Let’s play a game where we pretend to be carpenters so I can nail you. 
  • Don’t worry about the size, I played tetris as a kid. I know how to make it fit. 
  • If we pretend that your right leg is Christmas and your left leg is Thanksgiving, can I c** between the holidays? 
  • I’d like to touch your belly button; from the inside. 
  • Would you like to be my girlfrien? Say yes and I’ll give you the D. 
  • What do you say I get between your legs and eat my way to your heart? 
  • We could head up to my room now and do some math: subtract our clothes, divide our legs, add the bed and multiply. 
  • Do you like Chewie from Star Wars? Well, I have a hairier wookie and he’d like to meet you. 

Even more funny but perverted pick up lines

  • The word for today is legs, what do you say we go back to my house and spread the word?
  • Are you gay?  (No) Me neither, so let’s have sex. 
  • You can stay for as long as you like, but your shirt has to go. 
  • Hey, you don’t need to find a chair as long as I have a face. 
  • I’m a treasure hunter, how about I explore your chest? 
  • Would you like to help me get something to swell? 
  • Hey baby, My schedule is free, I could get you pregnant by Christmas. 
  • Now I know why it is called a beaver, I have some wood uf you’re interested. 
  • Hey baby, I’d love to make a p**** with you. We don’t even have to tape it.
  • Do you work in a chicken farm? You’re great at raising c***. 
  • Let’s have some pizza sex, even if it’s bad, it’s still great. 
  • Let us exchange our insurance details in case on of us gets wrecked before morning. 
  • Do you know what has 100 teeth and cages the hulk? My zipper. 
  • Come sit in my lap and we’ll discuss the first thing that pops up. 
  • My magic wristwatch tells me you are not wearing any underwear. (wrong?) Oh sorry, it’s 20 minutes fast. 
  • Wow, nice nametag you got there, oh sorry, I thought it was braille. 
  • Your parents must be bakers because you have the nicest buns I’ve ever seen. 
  • Hi, your thighs would make nice earmuffs for my ears. 
  • I know a good way to burn all those calories from the dinner we just had. 
  • The only reason I would get you out of bed would be to have sex with you on the floor. 
  • My c*** has been feeling really dead lately, could you do some mouth to mouth on it? 
  • Should I assume I’m gonna score? 
  • Let’s pretend we’re squirrels so I can bust a nut in your hole. 
  • Hey there, there’s a party going down in my pants, you are invited. 
  • Those clothes you got on will look nicer on my bedroom floor. 
  • If you’re a porch, then I’m a carpenter; I’ll take out the nails and screw you. 

Thats all for now folks!

Super! There you have our list. One word of advice from me if I may; proceed with extreme caution when using any of these pick up lines. You will be solely responsible for any resulting negative reaction you get from using any of them. But, don’t let that stop you from flirting and trying to meet new people. Your luck might just shine with one of these pick up lines, so don’t give up. If you know any other perverted pick up line, please share them with us in the comments section below.