Pilot pick up lines

Pilot Pick up lines to use on a special person!

Many people love travelling and seeing new places, but there’s one element of travel that isn’t so fun: flying. Flying can be a hassle considering the high fares, airport delays and sometimes loss of luggage. For other travellers, flight is terrifying. They are anxious that the plane might malfunction and crash. In addition, they are worried that they aren’t in control of the aircraft they’re flying as well as being hijacked by terrorists. Pilot pick up lines are all you need to do away with the anxiety that comes with flight. They’ll make that cutie smile no matter how much she may be anxious and stressed. Here are funny pilot pick up lines to use in a flight. 

Overview of Pilot Pick up lines

  • You must have descended from heaven and then to my heart. 
  • What qualifications do I need to be your frequent flyer member?
  • Girl, you look plane sexy.
  • We should depart from here and have a soft landing on my bed.
  • Baby, you have hijacked my heart.
  • Will you join me for dinner in the mile high club?
  • You don’t have to worry about bumpy rides. I’ll make it smooth all way.
  • May I have clearance to ask you out on a date?
  • I bet I need a sophisticated navigation system to navigate myself to your heart.
  • I called to check if your runway is ready for landing.
  • Would be comfortable if you layover at my place before I send you home?
  • I never expected to find angels at this altitude. 
  • I experienced turbulence in my heart when I saw you.
  • You’ve made me lose control and I’m crashing down on you hard.
  • If you become my pilot, I’ll let you pull the stick.
  • This place is too noisy. Can we gear up and take off then land some quiet place?
  • If you want to become a pilot, I can teach you how to push all the right buttons.
  • If carrying those baggage troubles you, I can carry them at no charge.

The last great pilot pick up lines

  • Been sitting here the whole afternoon cross-checking you out.
  • Want to land yourself a pilot? Here I am.
  • I was lost until my radar pointed to your direction. 
  • Excuse me sweety, you’re hotter than a jet engine set to full power. 
  • Has anyone told you that your eyes are the color of 100LL?
  • Hey baby, do you have a preflight? I’d love to buy you chocolate.
  • Will you come to my room and see my E6B?
  • I’d love us to convert out potential energy to kinetic energy in my bed.

They say pilots are sweet, sexy and smart. Girls believe that pilots dedicated so much time and money to pursue their dream and that they look hunky behind the controls. So if you are a guy who’s all the three S’s then that is the deal breaker for girls. Having these pilot pick up lines will never be old. Use them and let the heart of that girl you like go up in the sky before sunset.