Pizza Pick up lines

Pizza Pick up lines for ou to use. These will surely bring a smile and probably a laugh to a specials persons face. Use these Pizza pick up lines when you get the chance!

Overview of Pizza pick up lines

I am some cheese, do you happen to be you pizza? Because I would love to melt over you.

Do you like sausages? No? You are in luck. Yes? You are equally in luck. I am available without or with sausages.

With how you deliver, you sure must be the delivery man.

Are you pizza? I am craving some.

Do you happen to be pizza? I am dying to have you.

Are you pizza? Because I want to remove your toppings.

I need me some pizza, but you are the only topping I want on it.

Would it be cheesy if I say you are saucy?

My pizza needs some extra cheese, would you do me the honours of being my extra cheese?

Are you some cheese? I know a pizza that needs melting over. 

Are you pizza? I can have just you for several days.

Do you know what you have in common with pizza? You are both hot and ready.

Are you pizza? Because I want all of you.

Is that pizza? Damn, it smells so good. Hold on, that is you!

I am all over you like pizza sauce is all over pizza pie.

You are so hot you could burn the roof of my mouth.

You are my pizza, I want more of you and I do not want to share.

Baby, you are like pizza to me and I do not like to share my pizza.

You are like my pizza, I cannot seem to get enough of you.

If you are the delivery man, I have more than a tip for you.

Fresh out of the oven, you are so hot that it leaves me wondering the temperature of your oven.

Even when you are bad, you are still good. Just like my favourite, pizza. 

I do not know what I crave more right now, pizza or you-za.

I am like your personal pizza, made just for you.

Do you happen to like Pizza Hut? Because all I want to do is to stuff your crust. 

Just like Domino’s pizza, the next one is free if I do not come in thirty minutes. 

My pizza is missing a key ingredient and that must you!

My pizza tastes awful, would you mind gracing it by melting all over?

If you love adventures, how about melting all over my pizza?

You must be pizza. Because you fill me up at night and there is always more when I wake up in the morning.

Do you like history? I love pizza. We could make our romance a pizza history. 

Do you see that girl over there? She has been eyeing but do not worry. I am not interested in her, because cheese not you.

Hello there, pizza box. Can I get your top off?

You look so greasy. You must be pizza!

You look so bae-sil, let me guess your name, Basil?

I love olives and Olive you.

Do you like olives? Because olive you. 

Are you pizza? I want a piece of you and I want all of you.

You look like a mushroom, can I be honoured to mush you in a room?

Damn, you are a fine pizza, do you come from the Domino’s?

I did not know pizzas could walk and deliver themselves.

I did not know pizzas had seconds. Because you rev my heartbeat just like pizza does.

You must have come with pizza because I could have both of you nonstop.

Are you identically twinned with pizza? I find pizza very irresistible. 

Pizza is bland when you are not eating it with me.

If I flirt with you, would you let me have all of the pizza?

If you promise never to crust it, I will give you all of my heart.

Are you pizza? I have a giant crust on you.

Take my heart and never crust it.

Pizza tastes better when I eat it with you.

I have pizza for dinner. I am not eating it alone and I am not throwing it away.

Why do I feel hungry when I look at you? Only pizza does that to me.

Like cheese, I am melting over your hotness right now.