Plant Pick Up lines

Love plants? Then read these plant pick up lines

Meeting a cute girl on a garden or farm is the best thing that can ever happen to you in your search for a romantic partner. Plant pick up lines can be ideal to hit on her when opportunity comes. You can use the different plants and flowers to craft ideas that will create a good impression of you. Your odds are even higher when the girl loves beekeeping and gardening. We assure that when you use plant pick up lines from our list, you might land a perfect mate to do all things organic with. 

Plant pick up lines to flirt with

  • Will we use your organic garden or mine?
  • Are you Daisy? Because I incredibly urge to plant you right here. 
  • Of all the tomatoes have tasted, your heirloom are the juiciest. 
  • To me you are a sweet honeybee stinging my heart. 
  • Would you like my rosebush? 
  • If you were mine, you would be the perfect fruit of my labor. 
  • I love your sweet lavender smell.
  • You would look more beautiful on my leafless lawn in my compound. 
  • The first time I saw you, I confused you with a red beet. 
  • I’m sure you will find warm home baked bread served with hand churned butter good for your health. 
  • It’s said with power comes responsibility. That’s why I want to give you the power over my organic farm. 
  • I like that twigless sidewalk. 
  • Promise to love me and I will promise to love you until roses cease to be red. 
  • Could I know your ideal plant species or could it be me?
  • Want to try out some free range in the green woods? 
  • Would you help germinate my seeds?
  • I saw a flower on my way here and thought it was the most beautiful thing, but then I saw you. 
  • Can I destroy that leaf in your hair?
  • It’s said plants save the environment, but what is the essence of saving the environment when we are apart?
  • Roses are red, bananas are yellow and I want to go out with a fellow yellow. 
  • If I pollinate those petals with my pistil, will cost an additional fee?
  • Hey my delicate dainties, how often do you come here?
  • You must be a flower. Because most of them are bisexual and I see you came with a friend. 

The last 8 great Plant pick up lines

  1. If life is a garden, then I should dig you. 
  2. Would you allow me plant a flower in your magic garden?
  3. If you were mine, I would shell you in on the back porch like I shell my garden peas. 
  4. I would pick you over and over again like I would pick a flower. 
  5. I wish you were a berry. Because I would bottle you as jam and enjoy you in winter. 
  6. I have eleven roses and I want to add you to my life so that I could have twelve most beautiful things in the world. 
  7. I wish I could harvest you at peak season. 
  8. Will you come over and see my entire shade full of landscaping gizmos?