Pokemon Pick up lines

It has been proven to be a difficult task for many, especially guys to pick up girls they like or have feelings for, this can to large extents be attributed to the inability of most men folk to know what to say to her when the right window opens. Most guys go to the extent of paying their friends who are good at picking up girls to do the picking for them. This guide is designed to help even the unluckiest (straight) guy understand some of the basic principles about picking up a girl with Pokémon lines, especially if she plays Pokémon GO. It’s smooth picking up a girl when you are using lines she understands, You never know where or when you might meet a girl who would be open to a night out with you if you play your cards right this lines would definitely come in handy.

So, your crush is into these cute Pokémon creatures, then the best way to open a conversation or flirt with them is most likely by using these pickup lines. Some of these lines are, however, considered dirty, so start easy and make sure she’s comfortable with them. Pokémon pick-up lines that would you sweep her off her heels. Let’s go catch them all!

•    I like to Pikachu when you’re undressed.

•    You’re more legendary than Entei of Mew

•    Your smile is shiny Like a Hyper Beam.

•    If you were a non- Pokémon, I would still choose you

•    I wish I was an arrow so I could shut to your bedroom.

•    Let’s go make a Mew two of our own.

•    I wanna Munch lax your Cloyster.

•    I think we’ should get a Defog before the midnight is come 

•    Staring at your ass makes my bulba soar. 

•     I’d like to you like a HORSEA

•    When I’m around you, I am like a Geodude, as hard as a titanium!

•    I can make your Jigglypuffs sing.

•    You seem to like Pokeballs because you’re really close to one of mine

•    You’re kicking me, you’re a hitmonlee

•    You have a physiotherapist name or can I use yours call you mine?

•    Do you believe in love at first instance, or do I need to walk with my perfume again?

•    Let me be your ruler. I could be your Nidoqueen.

•    Do you want to battle? My balls are ready.

•    I’d like to take a good Pik-at-chu.

•    There is plenty of fish in the sea. But you’re my Golden Magikarp.

•    The only star I adore is star-yu.

•    I can be your mambo and take you to a soothing journey

•    You must know Gust. Because you totally blew me away

•    Go out on a date with me and I’ll give you the medication

•    You must an iron I’m glued to you.

•    Want to register your number in my PokeNav?

•    She’s so on flames she must have the Volcano identity

•    May I togekiss you?

•    You seem like a perfect POKEGO girl perfect for me.

•    Shall we pikachu?

•    I think I need a paralyz heal, you’re stunning.

•    If you were the ground and I would love to be a Diglett so I could be inside of you

•    We should go back to my place to have a battle.

•    My affection for you hurts like a Charizard’s tails.

•    When I saw you, my Metatarsus used Harden.

•    I do want to pikachu

•    Do you mind if we wrestle, my balls are sound!

•     Hey pretty do you wanna Spoink?

I spent a whole lot of my time in an environment where men (me inclusive) put in 80% of their time to learn creative ways to pick up girl. We spent countless hours on pickup lines and related stuff all because we wanted to get the attention of these girls, we lacked words to say, that to large extents explains why I came up with Pokémon pick-up lines that would aid you to flow easily.

But first you need to learn how to get her to talk to you first without appearing nervous before the lines come to your rescue, you really need to be creative with the lines above, these lines would get you further than logic, they want to be made to laugh, that’s why Pokémon pick-up lines is a perfect option.