Redhead Pick Up Lines 

Throughout history, redheads have stigmatized and feared in equal measure. They have not only been an easy target for mockery. To some people, they are dangerous and fiery, but to others they are weak and clownish. They are also seen as geeks in public but dangerous in the bedroom. Aside from the stereotypes and myths about these red-haired people, they have a unique set of attributes that are ideal for a romantic partner. They are quite fascinating especially their crimson hair and carrot-topped bodies. Here are some of the funniest redhead pick up lines to start up a conversation with a ginger sister. 

  • To me redheads are like roses, because they are the only ones who can catch my attention.
  • If didn’t meet a gorgeous redhead like you, i would be missing some brainy noodles. 
  • Being a redhead is a plus for me: red in the head, fire in the bed. 
  • Hey baby, your hair is brighter than my heart. 
  • I hope your hair being fire red doesn’t mean you are too hot to handle. 
  • Is your hair flaming? Because you are so hot. 
  • The only thing hotter than fire is your hair and I can’t stop loving it. 
  • Is it your hair or it is just hot here?
  • If you were a penguin, what would you eat for lunch? I’m ready to prepare for you your favorite. 
  • If you were a penguin, I would take you for swimming in the South Pole. 
  • If we were penguins, we would always agree in the nest so as not to fall. 
  • Would you catch my south pole if you were a penguin?
  • If you were a penguin, you would be called a pen-grin because I would always make you happy. 
  • Have you heard about the Flight of Penguins? How about me taking you through it on my bed?