Romantic pick up lines

A romantic pickup can make her a girl smile and it is guaranteed to ease tension and ease into a good conversation. But before dropping a romantic line, make sure you look nice and you’re confident, but not over confident as it makes you look smug. 

The most romantic pick up lines

Here are some romantic pick up line that are guaranteed to melt her heart. 

– You’re so gorgeous you make me forget my pickup lines. 

– How was heaven when you left it?

– Are you a magician? Because every single time I set my gaze upon you, everyone else seems to disappear. 

– Hello, I’m conducting a research and writing a paper on the finer things of life, would you mind an interview? 

– If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking through a garden for eternity. 

– It really is any fault of mine that I fell in love. You are the one that tripped me.  

– I am not your first love but I’ll love to be your last. 

– Everything about you is perfect except for one thing, we are not married.

– There’s something in your eyes, oh never mind it’s just a sparkle. 

– Your smile lit up the room and you know how I’m always attracted to light.

– I was going to say something sweet, then when I saw you I got speechless. 

– This morning I saw a beautiful flower and I thought of you. 

– You stole my heart, I’ll love to give you my last name. 

– Excuse me, can you empty your pockets I believe you stole my heart. 

– I think the gaps between my fingers were made for yours. 

– If your heart was a prison, I would throw a party at the jugdes mention of “three life sentences” 

– Excuse me, where did you hide your halo?

– If you’re here, who is running heaven?

– Hold eight rose in front of a mirror, you’ll see nine beautiful things in the world. 

– Do you have a bandaid? As I have apparently just scrapped my knee while falling for you. 

– If there is something more beautiful than God must have hidden it in paradise. 

– Do you have a watch? I want to know how long it took to fall in love with you. 

– Are you a camera? Why then do I smile every time I look at you?

– You must be an interior decorator because when I saw you, the room became beautiful. 

– Your smile lit up the room and I had to come over 

– I’ll drop my tears in an ocean. When you’d find my tears is when I’ll stop loving you. 

– Your presence makes me feel cuddly. 

– Can you touch me? So I can say an angel touched.

– You swept me off my feet. Are you a broom?

– If I was given two choices, between breathing and loving you. I would most probably take my last breath just to tell you how much I really love you. 

– Hi, my friends think you’re cute. I don’t… I think you’re gorgeous. 

–  Your eyes are so beautiful. 

– I had a bad day and a pretty girl’s smile makes me better. So would you smile for me?

– Milady, please bestow me the honor and privilege of sitting next to you?

– Before I met you, I saw a flower and though that it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. 

– If a star falls every time I think of you, the sky would be empty.

– At what time exactly are you required to be back in heaven?

– It is so much easier to define the taste of water than to define the feelings I have for you. 

– let’s play a game: you give me your heart and I give you my last name.

– if we look back years from now, my finest memory will be the day I met you.  

When to use the romantic pick up lines

Are you in love? Then these romantic pickup lines can help you when making the first move. 

How to approach the girl you like. 

1. Do not approach her if she’s in a conversation with someone, it will come off as rude.

2.   If you’re nervous, take deep breathes to calm yourself before approaching her. 

3. When you approach her, start with a romantic pickup line or a compliment. 

4. Be able to read her body language, if she keeps and eye contact and is pleasant then you can continue, if she avoids eye contact and is rude, apologize politely and leave.

5. Make her laugh, that’ll ease the tension and make conversation lighter and easier. 

6. Ask questions or make observations to keep the conversation going. 

7. Be yourself.

However, after approaching the girl you have a crush on and everything goes smoothly. It doesn’t just end there. There are other things you can do

1. Go on dates- ask her out on dates, explore. Ask her to picnic dates, movie dates, dinner dates to show how serious you her. 

2. Engage in random PDA- this is optional, some people like public display of affection and some don’t. Either ways a little touching in public won’t hurt anyone.  

3. Compliment your partner- this is very important. Compliments go a long way, it put smiles on your partner face.  

Now that you know all you need to know, you can now approach the girl you’ve been crushing on and start a conversation.

Going ahead with romantic pickup lines and using them in possible ways will definitely help in winning her over. 

There are a lot of ways to bring some romance to your lines, and one of them is being a total gentleman. Things you should do to spice the romance is offering to get her another drink (if she’s already drinking one) or offering to buy her dinner. Give her the impression that you are a humane and caring person, she warms up to you automatically and the conversation takes a good turn. Also your chances with her will increase. 

Do not forget to follow up your pick-up line with a compliment and make sure the compliment is a sincere one. Not just a cheesy one. Observe her, the way she looks, her eyes, the way she’s dressed, her smile. Then a sincere compliment can pop out. Like i said, do not make it cheesy. Don’t go overboard with compliments. Because it will feel like you’re just saying stuff you don’t mean and the whole purpose of compliments will be lost.  

Remember these simple rules

One very important thing is DO NOT COME OUT AS NEEDY OR DESPERATE. I can’t over emphasize this point. When you start to act desperate, it’s a total turn off but when you follow up your pick-up line with a simple and light conversation, it will seem as if you’ve known each other for a long time. 

There are a lot of simple but very interesting topics to talk about simple topics like food, equality, TV shows, opinions on certain things. If you bring up a topic and she suddenly starts acting uncomfortable, it’s advisable to change the topic and apologize to intruding.

Women like men who are confident and trust me when a man lacks confidence a woman can sense it. It’s important for you to be confident. If you’re not confident enough then do not approach her unless you’ll be a hot mess of maladroitness. Also, when you’re confident, don’t let it go over the top. Don’t be smug and don’t assume things about her in your show of being confident. You might just ruin all the hard work.