Science Pick up lines

Science pickup lines are your best bet when you want to impress an intelligent woman whose interest rests within the bosoms of the sciences or whom you’re sure is not gonna mind laughing at scientific jargon. You definitely want to make your woman laugh, while your jokes resonate with real things she can relate to. Science pickup lines cut across chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics, virtually anything science. Unlike the other subjects of science which are restricted in approach, science pickup lines encompass lines from the basics to the advanced, in whatever scientific field of study. The good thing is that your lady doesn’t even have to be in the sciences to smile at a good science pickup line. Need I remind you that human biology and chemistry in their relations are all science? Talking science is just talking natural (winks). 

•    You’re more special than the theory of relativity.

•    Are you ready baby, we’re doing perpetual motion all night long.

•    Not only are you attractive, but the closer I get to you, the faster time seems to slip by, you must be singularity.

•    I really wish you’d let me to bisect that angle of yours.

•    Big bang isn’t just a theory, follow me to my lab and I’ll show you.

•    You are to me what Higgs Boson is to the universe.

•    You’re more fascinating than the fundamental theorem of calculus.

•    According to the second law of thermodynamics, I’m supposed to share in your hotness.

•    You and I together, that is equivalent to Grand Unification.

•    You look like you’re in my range, would you follow me back to my domain.

•    Are you interested in some high-energy quantum tunneling tonight?

•    If I supply the voltage and you supply some resistance, imagine the current we could create.

•    Your smile warms me more than Hydrogen plasma.

•    We would add up much better than a Riemann sum.

•    Hey baby, let’s discover your resonance frequency.

•    Hi, I could see your empty valence shell from over there, I’m Sodium.

•    I just found my supersymmetric partner, you.

•    Hi love, would you allow me to expand your polynomial?

•    You’ve got more curves than a triple integral.

•    Come baby, let’s test the spring potential of my mattress.

•    You know, it’s not the length of the vector that’s important it’s the manner of force you apply.

•    Why don’t we meet up, I’d love to excite your natural frequency

•    My attraction to you is so strong, scientists will have to discover this fifth fundamental force.

•    You must have chlorine in you cos you’re polarizing my bond.

Practically, science pickup lines can be used for just anybody. They’re used to impress women who are neck-deep into the sciences, as well as people who have moved on to other fields but have knowledge of basic sciences and can understand what you mean. These lines can be used anywhere; in a science lab, class, social or informal gathering, formal events, at home and even while acquainting with a stranger in a bus. They’re definitely meant for people who understand specific or many areas in science. Or not! Here’s why: so far as it sounds ridiculous and strangely makes sense (or not even make sense at all), it’s going to steal a smile from your special someone!

Why use Science pick up lines?

You should already know that women admire intelligence (just take a look at our clever pick up lines). Women want to date someone who has the ability to sustain a conversation, who can teach them something new, who can arouse their mind and wow them, as well as their body. It’s not all about having great abs, a good height, good looks or a stunning fashion sense. Connections are best made from the head to the heart.

No woman is hard to get. It all depends on your style and approach. Who says you’re not in her league? Then why do all the funny guys (irrespective of how they look) always have the women hanging around them? There’s got to be some magic on their lips. Definitely, the only thing women love better than a smart man is a man with a great sense of humour; a man who makes them laugh, even at the most ridiculous jokes. What if I tell you that it’s about time you got this magic? You can never go wrong using these pickup lines!