Serial killer pick up lines

Find the best Serial Killer Pick up lines

Everybody loves to pick up women. But using serial killer pick up lines are a little more creative way of picking them up. Serial killers are the most terrifying of the human predators. Serial killer movies have a massive following from generation to generation. They are thrilling to watch thus preventing us from distraction of the more pressing danger and mundanity of evil. Despite serial killers being terrifying predators women are so attracted to them and frequently betray a strong erotic preference for these dangerously unhinged criminals. Women believe that their love can transform the convict from cruel and cunning to compassionate and concerned. Some also assume that there’s a wounded child inhabiting the serial killer, which through devoted nurturance can be healed and that this process requires a woman. For some dating a serial killer may be a chance to land a movie deal and be in the media spotlight. Because of the obsession with the unique traits of serial killers, women see the so-called bad boys as rare gemstones that would be worth mining. 

Some serial killer pick up lines are terrifying just like the serial killers themselves. For this reason, you have to careful on whom you are using them. If you are sure the girl you are flirting with loves bad boys then serial killer pick up lines will be appropriate on her. However, don’t hesitate using these pick up lines on any girl. Just try luck because the girl may love the fun in them and not be frightened by them. They are funny and bold and will make any girl who loves serial killer movies fall for you like immediately. Our collection has all sort of the best serial killer pick up lines sorted from all corners of the internet just for you. 

Overview of Serial Killer Pick up lines

  • You need to come back to my place to see what is inside my trunk.
  • I smell like chloroform, want to smell me?
  • I’m not pleased to see you, and luckily there’s a gun in my pocket.
  • Your place or mine? I have the tools ready, a rope and a knife.
  • Mind if I try on your skin? It’s nice.
  • I’m tempted to chop off your legs because you look so nice in that jeans.
  • I’m gonna kill the s*** in you, better call God. 
  • If home is where your heart is, then my home is in you. Remember my home is a knife.
  • I wish you could get some air but I ate you lungs. 
  • I see my hands in your intestines. I guess you have a mirror in them. 
  • Could you please give me the direction to your heart and kidneys?
  • If you were a broom, I could snap your head off and clean the floor with it. 
  • I’ve never met you before. Could you be from Tennessee? Because that’s the only state I’m not wanted in.
  • Could you kiss my lip better if I bit it?
  • If you were a drug, I would crush you and put you in my drink. 

More of Serial Killer Pick up lines

  • Your skull should be the prize of my collection cause you have the most terrific bone structure. 
  • Would you love the taste of blood and metal? I can let you. 
  • The demon in my neighbor’s dog told me that you’re the perfect mate.
  • Your touch would make me jump out of my woman skins.
  • You are so cute that I could eat you up if I were a small boy.
  • Tonight I hope you give me your kidney intestines, liver and heart. 
  • As long as you kill all the neighbors, you will be part of my family.
  • Will you run away from me somewhere romantic?
  • That bra looks great on you. Don’t you think it will look better in an evidence bag?
  • Would you stop screaming if I said you have a beautiful body?
  • Hey baby, you look cute in those jeans. I’d like to chop off those legs.
  • I came because the voices in my head told me to come over and talk to you.
  • You’d look better dead.
  • I wish I could rip both of your eyes just to have more holes to screw you in. 
  • Can u get between your legs so that I can eat my way straight to your heart?
  • I like you like I like my coffee, chopped up and in the freezer. 
  • You look like angel. I can help you get back to heaven.
  • You look sexy here, but your corpse would look sexier in my closet. 
  • How long would I be locked away for if I poured acid on your face and screwed you in the mouth?
  • If I were going to die soon, would you f*** me?