Skeleton pick up lines

Picking up a new catch especially during Halloween can be scarier than the thought of visiting a haunted house. However, starting the conversation with a skeleton pick up line can show a sense of humor and relieve you of the pressure at the same time. They are cheesy and funny enough to freak any cutie out. To catch the attention of a potential mate in time for Halloween, here are skeleton pick up lines to land even if you are meeting for the very first time. Enjoy this collection and you might land that cute girl. 

Skeleton Pick Up Lines to use

  • If you have time, we can go around my bone yard.
  • If you come closer, we can increase the bones in the human body from 206 to 207.
  • Hey, do you wanna break a bone?
  • Don’t look at me like that; I ulna wish to be beside you.
  • You already have a whole skeleton inside you so another bone will do no harm.
  • All I have is a boner!
  • Roses are red while violets are blue; when the red skeleton war starts I’ll always protect you.
  • I’m the hardest thing here right now, will you be my boo?
  • Ever partied at a skeleton show?
  • Your body is made up entirely of skeletons. Another bone won’t hurt.
  • Would you like to bone?
  • My skeleton want to party with yours. 
  • Your skeleton with be better next to my bed. 
  • Your skeleton would look cool in a pretty pink dress. 
  • Your skeleton must have fallen directly from heaven because that’s where they belong. 
  • Hey baby, what are your skeletons wearing?
  • Hey, I’ve never met your skeleton and that’s crazy. Maybe I will see them when I burry you next to my house. 
  • I understand you better than you understand your skeleton. They are the cutest thing I want to have in my grave yard. 
  • Will you be the first person to have her skeletons laid in my grave yard?
  • I am willing to increase the number of bones in you. All you need to do is to come over to my place for a sleep over.