Skittle pick up lines

Skittle Pick Up Lines

Skittles are loved by a majority of people and that’s why you rarely miss a bag of them rocked in the freezer. These rainbow-colored candy snacks are a lifetime brand. One of the standout aspects of these snacks is that each bag contains more colors than a blender can, which is quite amazing. If you are eyeing a cute girl who is in love with candy snacks then you can’t miss to accompany yourself with skittle pick up lines. Shower her with these skittle themed pick up lines every time you meet her and she might me yours even if for a night. 

Some of the best Skittle Pick Up Lines

  • Will you taste the skittles I have in my mouth? 
  • I’ve got skittles in my pant. Will you take it off?
  • Can I take you to the grocery store and buy you some skittles?
  • I’d love it if you are the one who tastes my skittles before I eat them. 
  • If you love rainbows, you won’t fail to love skittles in my bedroom. 
  • Girl, if you are into skittles then I am the right guy for you. 
  • I will stay here only if you are willing to know how many licks of skittles make me wet. 
  • So are you asking me to take those skittles from your mouth?
  • The only reason I take skittles is to find out how sweet your mouth is. 
  • Want to taste some skittles? That’s what is going to happen when you come over to my place. 
  • I guess you don’t have any skittles so I’ll have to chew your mouth instead. 
  • Why don’t we go to my place and find some skittles?
  • If you want a rainbow then that’s what you are going to see in my bedroom tonight. 
  • Hey girl, I like girls who are into skittles because they are sweetly hot.