Snow Pick up lines

Find the most funny Snow Pick up lines 

Snow can make you feel bummed out and you never want to go out. When winter gets you down, snow pick up lines could be the key to turning up the heat. They are ideal when you’re crushing on a potential boo or when you’ve been macking with a cutie for a while. Snow pick up lines are a funny and cute way to strike up a conversation or reignite a flirty chitchat. The cold doesn’t have to take the mood. In fact, snow can make for some serious sexy talk and dreamy dates. 

Overview of the best snow pick up lines

  • If you were mine, I’d defrost your windscreen while you get ready for work.
  • Tonight you’ll melt in my mouth like a snowball.
  • Can I come over to your place tonight? Be sure that your heating bill will be lowered because you won’t be getting cold. 
  • My roommate’s classes were cancelled too. Can I come over?
  • I have your number. I hope you don’t feel gelt-y about it.
  • Can my roommate borrow you earmuffs when we talk dirty at my room tonight?
  • I bet I won’t warm up by the fireplace tonight coz you’re hotter.
  • Work might be cancelled, but that body don’t quit.
  • If you were a two-way street with parking on both sides, you’d get plowed in time tonight. 

  • I hope we have a few more inches tonight. 
  • Aside from black ice, you bring me to my knees.
  • Can I wrap you around me? I lost my scarf.
  • You are wearing so many layers. It’s gonna take me a while to get naked, but I can watch. 
  • Like a snowflake, you are unique and beautiful. I hope you get wet with one touch too. 
  • You are so hot that my penis would stand for you even on a cold snowy night. 
  • Snow is coming, so am I.
  • Will you come to my place? I wanted to eggnsnog you.
  • You and the mountain have one thing in common. You’re both getting 8 inches tonight.
  • I didn’t know that you and snow are similar until I remembered I can plow both. 
  • Whenever I see snowfall I miss your snowballs. 
  • Tonight’s forecast is that there’s a cold front coming, but I’ll keep your front warm.
  • Do you have a thermometer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Snow pick up lines can make you want to take your top off. Dropping one from our collection can be a silly way to show off your personality and make a move, without having to be too serious about it. In case you got your eyes on a new sweetie or if you’ve been chatting with your crush for a minute, these snow pick up lines may be just what you need to break the ice. Though they may not work out, they are funny and will make that cool girl laugh. In some cases laughing is all you need to get conversations rolling.