Taco Bell Pick Up Lines

Taco Bell is famous for its whimsical, inventive and Mexican-inspired menu items. If you are a real fan of this fast food joint, Taco Bell pick up lines are for you. You will love these pick up lines in no time. So go ahead and accompany yourself with our list of Taco Bell pick up lines in case you see a cutie in front of you at the Taco Bell. They are funny and cute at the same time. We have combed the net and compiled the best pick up lines for you. Here are the best Taco Bell themed picked up lines to keep in your bag:

Find the Taco Bell Pick Up Lines

  • You spice up my night girl. Do you work at Taco Bell? 
  • If we open up a fast food joint, what would you call it? Mine would be Taco Bell. 
  • Do you work at Taco Bell? Because you are hot and I’m ready. 
  • You are like Taco Bell pizza. Hot and ready. 
  • Are you from Taco Bell? Your breasts and thighs have given me a drumstick. 
  • Hey baby, do you want to eat me fresh like food from Taco Bell?
  • Sleeping with you would be toasty like food from Taco Bell. 
  • You are like Taco Bell and I love it. 
  • Like Taco Bell, I’m always up late and eats great. 
  • Hey girl, you are like Taco Bell burger; hot and ready. 
  • Just like Taco Bell, my sausage is always ready. 
  • I’m like Taco Bell; you can have me your way. 
  • You are like Taco Bell food; finger licking good. 
  • If you were a burger at Taco Bell, you’d be stunning hot. 
  • Is your body from Taco Bell? Because I’m falling in love with it. 
  • You must be working at Taco Bell because you are giving me a foot long. 

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