Vegan Pick up lines

Vegan Pick up lines

Vegetarian is a lifestyle that is commonly chosen by many hot guys and girls. Is the girl you like love vegan food the same way you love them? If that is the case, then it is amazing! Grab that chance the next time you meet and strike up a conversation immediately with her. Have some fun in choosing from the collection of pick up lines below. They are flirty and funny and will make you score a vegan. They will surely help you leave the fun loving first impression. 

List with All Incredible Vegan Pick up lines

  • I may not eat animal products, but that doesn’t mean I can’t swallow.
  • Will you come over? I have lots of veganaise in the fridge in my bedroom.
  • We can talk about nutrition for hours if you come over.
  • Would you like your eggs fertilized or substituted?
  • What’s the source of your proteins? 
  • Hey, girl, how about us visit this summer veggie gazpacho tonight?
  • Would you like some fair trade, organic, vegan chocolate?
  • I need to come over and scramble my tofu.
  • Allow me milk your soybeans sweetheart.
  • Aside from the vegan jerky I’ll do primal stripping for you all day.
  • I like your new skirt. I love the pleather because it makes you all hot.
  • Could you help me decide if I should keep these new hemp sheets.
  • If you were a veg you’d be a cutecumber.
  • To me you are a fresh organic apple, because I just picked you.
  • Your organic sheet is the best I’ve ever come across. Can I feel it?
  • Your organic cotton bra looks really soft. I’m tempted to touch it.
  • Because you are a vegan I will toast a salad for you.
  • Is agave nectar your favorite?
  • Can we go to the grocery and read labels?
  • The World’s Sexiest Vegetarian is looking for models and I feel you’d be a perfect fit.
  • Will you come up and see my vitamix?
  • My love can roam for you now that my heart is certified cage-free.
  • I really wish we could go for a hot veggie dog right away.
  • Can I take you photo? I want to submit it for the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian competition.
  • You have a perfect vegetarian body. I hope you don’t hold it against me.
  • If you give me your number I’ll surely kale you.
  • If you try my zucchini I’ll eat your peach.
  • If you were my sweetheart would you stuff me like a tofurkey?
  • Though I’m a vegan, I need your meat.
  • Want to try out hemp sheets. I have a new pair in my bedroom.
  • Cutie, you have the passion and figure of a vegan.

 These pick up lines are so funny that they work almost always. Because is there any girl who doesn’t like a funny guy? They are the perfect conversation starters that will sure relieve you when you don’t know one another pretty well. Be sure to check our website for funny and cheesy food pick up lines such as bread and donut pick up lines.  

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