Vegetable Pick Up lines

These days we live in a more health-conscious world where eating clean is all the rage and going to yoga is a must. It therefore makes sense that you incorporate sex and health into your punch lines and the results will be one of a kind. Comparing body parts to vegetables and sex to gardening of veggies gives the wackiest yet tastiest vegetable pick up lines. The next time you are cruising down the produce section searching for love, here are great vegetable pick up lines to break the ice. We are convinced you will hook the love of your life with one of these creative vegetable pick up lines. Whether you are complimenting their zucchini or their melons these vegetable pick up lines will produce another meating. 

The best and most funny Vegetable Pick Up lines

  • I wish you were vegetable. I would harvest you when fresh.
  • To me, the world is my oyster and you are my pearl. 
  • Can I take you home and show my compost ready for planting some vegetables. 
  • If you try my zucchini, I’ll sure eat your peach. 
  • I’ll give you my number only if you promise to kale me. 
  • Can we pretend you are a farm and I’m the table?
  • You would be a cutecumber if you were a vegetable.
  • Can I plant my vegetable seeds in your garden?
  • Can I be the only meat you would put in your mouth?
  • Would you spit or swallow my seeds if I was a watermelon?
  • Can I trade you two juicy pineapples for you cucumber? 
  • Do want to know how big my squash grow?
  • If you were a potato, you would be a sweet one. 
  • I feel we would grow a great vegetable garden together. 
  • If I were not cantaloupe, we would run away and get married. 
  • I have bean thinking about you. 
  • Girl, you make me hap-pea.

Still hungry for more?

  • Will you promise to love me berry much?
  • I never knew that you are the one who made my heart beet this fast. 
  • I wish that you never lettuce part ways. 
  • I’m not sure of what to say, but I’m sure there is a turnip ahead. 
  • Can we go home and get down to the sick beet?
  • Will I be wrong if I asked you for Kale-fornia love?
  • Did you kale me baby?
  • When you and I fall in love, the whole world will know peas. 
  • Let me be yours and peas be mine. 
  • Can we get out of this place? I’m sure you need some peas.
  • Could you come over to my room so that I can brussel up some dinner?
  • Could you ask everybody to romaine calm? Because want to hug you. 
  • I’ll make the foundation of this relationship rock salad and you’ll be thankful. 
  • Lettuce the thankful that this place is so quiet and there is so much peas. 
  • The only thing I will ask you is to lettuce romaine friends. 
  • Hey baby, you look so rad-dish. 
  • Kindly keep calm and kiss me. I promise we will carrot on. 
  • You are such a wonderful human bean. I can’t stop looking at your face. 
  • I’ve never bean so much in love.
  • I won’t mind if you don’t come with me, but let’s squash any beef between us. 
  • I’m told you are a vegetable love and I’m a total stalker. 
  • Let’s go home. It’s time to celery-brate. 
  • Can I give you my number so that you can call me on my cell-ery phone. 
  • Will you mind if I egg-plant a kiss on you?
  • Are you looking for a new place to stay? I hope you won’t mind my mushroom. 
  • Can we take a selfie? I really need a picture with an angel for my instayam. 
  • I want to take you home and show you the money that is loved by all vegetarians. 
  • I had to take a leek when I saw you. 
  • I feel I’m already in love with you but I just don’t know where to starch. 
  • I had no idea that angles take vegetables until I saw you.
  • Those hands would be more beautiful harvesting kales from my organic farm. Or better still making some compost. 

These vegetable pick up lines are the bread and butter for those who have a whole lot of confidence. Though they are naturally cheesy, vegetable pick up lines are quite hilarious and therefore effective. You will sure make the girl you’ve fancied laugh out loud. They are ideal for starting conversations when you sit down to dinner or hit up the grocery store looking for that special someone. 

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