Volleyball Pick up lines

Do you need a set-me-up? Because you look like a hitter.

Would you like to find out why they call me a good setter?

I hope you can get, because I am about to serve you my heart.

Damn, you look so perfect, you could pass for a three point pass.

I do not know the best way to approach you, left? Right? Left?

I am finding it difficult to decide how best to approach you.

If I dared to approach you, would you block me?

I think you would deliver an amazing swing block. I bet you suck at swing dancing. Prove me wrong.

I’m wondering how good your service is, but I am not scared because I can get.

If you are an overpass, I would hit that.

Damn, that is one serious block, do you happen to be wearing SPF 150?

Would you like to find out why they call me smasher? 

If you permit me, I would show you some of my smashing skills.

How good is your defence?

You better have a good defence because I am about to smash you real hard.

Here is an official permit to dig me whenever you want.

Why so tip? You are making me go on my toes. 

If you like, I would dig you right here, right now, no need for the court.

I hope you play because you are about to get served. 

Hey, I am quite a hitter, but for the first time, I feel myself hitting something other than the ball.

How about making a pass with me? It will be everything you ever dreamed of. 

I’ll hit you really hard that you’ll swish out of the court.

I think I am a stuck down ball, how good is your digging?

If you are ever down, I am a d-i-g away. Holla.

I feel myself diving for you.

Get ready to spike it, because I am digging you right away.

They call me smasher, but they think that I smash only in the court. Would you like to find out where else I smash?

Can I break the rule and touch you three times?

I am the referee and I am changing the rules. You have more than three touches.

Here is your referee; you have got just three touches. 

You look like you make a good service, how about you serve me your digits?