Whale pick up lines


Most people believe that whales are special or that there is something special about them. They invoke a feeling of kinship and a sense of wonder. They are mysterious and graceful, beautiful and unique. They nurture their young and play, sing and bond with fellow whales. The fact that they are take excellent care of their young ones makes girls who love marine life love men who are fans of whales. Next time you visit water amusement parks and meet that cute that you’ve always fancied, impress them with these clever whale pick up lines. 

The best Whale Pick Up Lines

  • A whale ate my girlfriend, will you be mine?
  • Has anyone ever told you that you would be a whale if you were marine animal?
  • Are you a whale? Because I’m caught in your love. 
  • If you were a whale, I would be caught in your blow hole. 
  • Are you just pleased to see me, or you are happy seeing these whales. 
  • Come with me and I’ll show you how whales raise their young ones. You might get some tips to help us in the near future. 
  • Do you like whales? I’m thinking we could humpback at my place. 
  • Whales must be jealous of you because you are so beautiful. 
  • How about I take you to a nice seafood dinner and turn you to be the dinner. 
  • Hey girl, ever ridden a whale?
  • I bet you love whales and I want to get into your blowholes. 
  • I enjoy being at the beach to watch you and whales swim. 
  • I love whales because it’s motherly. Do you want to be like them?
  • I saw you and I was hooked.
  • Are you a whale? Because my fire fish wants to hide in your blowholes. 
  • If you come with me, I whale shower you with love any day any time.